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  • WATCH: #exo And X-EXO’s Chen Are Ready For A Showdown In “Obsession” Teasers #obsessedwithchen - Soompi
  • WATCH: #exo And X-EXO's Chen Features In Bonus Clips For "Obsession" - Soompi
  • Anthony Chen’s ‘Wet Season’ Team to Co-Produce Thai Film ‘Model Student’ - Variety
  • The leaked Chinese documents also show how internment camps expanded quickly after Chen Quanguo was appointed as the Communist Party secretary of Xinjiang in 2016. - Al Jazeera English
  • The most common surnames of new firm founders in Italy were Hu, Chen and Singh, a 2015 survey found. Rossi was a distant fourth - The Economist
  • Anthony Chen’s ‘Wet Season’ Leads Singapore Festival’s 30th Anniversary Parade - Variety
  • When it comes time for judgment, don't forget who is leading the mass detention of at least one million Muslims in China's Xinjiang region: Xi Jinping and Chen Quanguo. - Kenneth Roth
  • UPDATE: Officer Garman Chen, who was pinned inside the twisted remains of his car, appeared to be racing another vehicle when the fatal crash occurred. - New York Daily News
  • The Wei-Yin Chen Era is over in Miami. More on the #marlins decision to DFA Chen; plus the additions of Sixto, Cabrera, Neidert, Jazz, Lewin and Humberto Mejia to the 40-man. - Wells Dusenbury
  • Your Aesthetic Choices Will Reveal Which Member Of @weareoneEXO You're Most Like #exo #exodeux (I got Chen, and I can totally see it! Without the honey-like vocals, of course. Sigh.) - BuzzFeed K-Pop
  • A brave new frontier for political ads: A pro-Booker super PAC wants to pay influencers to post about him, per @Tanya_Chen. Also I think everyone's first reaction would be to mock this, but my gut says this would be an effective way to reach young voters! - Zach Montellaro
  • NYPD officer killed in tragic car crash identified as Garman Chen: sources - New York Post
  • "Mr. Chen issued a sweeping order: 'Round up everyone who should be rounded up.' The vague phrase appears repeatedly in internal documents from 2017." - Andrew Erickson 艾立信
  • Alleged Chinese spy target pictured sitting next to Liberal MP Gladys Liu at her home Melbourne car dealer claimed he was approached by Brian Chen and offered $1 million to run for Liberal Party in seat of Chisholm act as agent for Chinese govt exp - lynlinking
  • Yao Chen's stellar year continued on Saturday as the Chinese star received the Singapore International Film Festival's cinema icon award - THR International
  • Oppo Product Design Director Chris Chen on ColorOS 7 highlights, bloatware complaints, and more - Hindustan Times
  • "Peer beyond the efficiency of Amazon’s e-commerce empire, and you’ll see the workers on the inside warning us that rock-bottom prices and superfast shipping cost all of us more than we know — and when we buy now, our communities pay later." Michelle Chen - euronews
  • EXO (Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun) confirmed to have recently completed recording for guesting on MBC Radio Star Radio Star with EXO will be broadcasted on Nov 27th - KPOP WORLD INA
  • All good points but 1 and 5 are key: Xi and Chen bear the most responsibility - Dru Gladney


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191212 || Shin Jae Myung (CEO Myeong Film)> Jika Anda memilih perwakilan Myeong Film,

191212 || Shin Jae Myung (CEO Myeong Film)> Jika Anda memilih perwakilan Myeong Film, "Saya ingin anda melihat lebih banyak film 'cart' (2014) yang saya sukai." ⠀ ⠀ Cr: trans ...