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  • High above the simmering avenues of Santiago, Marcelo Hernandez pinpoints the glory and agony of Chilean liberation. Stylistically, what he captures is a city set alight by color, rage, and the belief that economic repression can no longer stand - WIRED
  • True colors shining through - southpaw
  • Anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar doesn't hide her true colors. She should be out of office. #antisemitism - Hananya Naftali
  • These Warhol-esque images of a famous pair of merging galaxies shows how different wavelengths of light reveal new details about our universe. - Astronomy Magazine
  • 18 Non-Basic Nail Colors To Wear This Winter - ELLE Magazine (US)
  • From classic wine to multicolor glitter and every dark shade in-between, these are the best nail polish colors for winter: - InStyle
  • Why do meteors glow in vibrant colors? - AccuWeatherAstronomy
  • “Bright colors and shiny things are the new stars of SNL!” - That Week In SNL
  • I knew it women were superior to men. About 12% women have a mutation due to which they have 4 cones instead of 3 in their pupils. Some women can see up to 100x more colors than most people - The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse
  • Some women can see up to 100x more colors than most people - Hacker News
  • y’all when Obama left office: “I can’t wait for Barry to show his true, *radical* colors now that he’s not in office anymore” Obama: - fadumo
  • 8 better-than-black nail polish colors for fall. - Vogue Magazine
  • This will make you happy: - Jeffrey Goldberg
  • "Being different, odd, eccentric, whatever you want to call it should be celebrated. We need more people who think outside the box...I wanted to inspire others with autism." via @yahoolifestyle - Autism Speaks
  • Mass incarceration is another way of silencing communities of colors at the polls. Incarcerating people and taking away their right to vote is a voter suppression tactic that's been used since the beginning of this country. - Voto Latino
  • Photos of the Week: Autumn colors in Belgium, chessboxing in Paris, dinosaurs in India, bushfires in Australia, impeachment hearings in Washington, D.C., Santa Claus in Germany, tennis in London, and much more. - The Atlantic
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets festive red, pink colors in early Black Friday deal - Ric Olsen
  • Use This Trick To Teach Kids Colors @LifeHack #teachtoddlers - Teach My
  • "This die-cut board book is kind of like an interactive work of art that’s designed to introduce your little one to colors. Hold it up to a window or a lamp and explore how the light changes through each translucent circle." - @strategist - Candlewick Press


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Не смотря на то, что уже конец ноября , все же решил перебрать летние архивы. . . . Despite the fact that it is the end ...