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  • The kicker: A spokeswoman for Mrs. Trump, who at first expressed interest in the ban as a mother of a teenage son, did not respond to a request for comment about whether she was still invested in the issue. - Annie Karni
  • Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi has apologised for her comments about Xhosa people being “tired of holding up the nation”, telling her followers that she was wrong and shouldn't have made the joke. - Times LIVE
  • As a Finnish citizen I seldom comment on the politics of the UK or other foreign nations. But this has enormous impacts on all free world countries. Russian interference and infiltration of British politics. And @BBCNews is even covering it up! - Ville Niittynen
  • "[Gordon] Sondland's attorney said his client 'has the full confidence of Secretary [Mike] Pompeo,' but the State Department declined to comment on that claim, adding to the diplomat's isolation as he comes under fire from all sides." - Kyle Griffin
  • Please comment below with every despicable policy and conscious decision the conservative party have made that have led to the dehumanising conditions we find ourselves in in 2019. I'm going to make it in to a something, this is just obscene - SheRa
  • Step 4 — They set up a new Twitter account Step 5 — The Tories select them as a parliamentary candidate in Brent North Step 6 — The Conservative Party declines to comment - Alex Wickham
  • BREAKING: A major ISIS warlord has just been arrested in Ukraine. Marie Yovanovitch unavailable for comment. - Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
  • You can't say we don't have the range: MSNBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the fart - Kate Nocera
  • Evening Standard comment: Uncorked Gauke is voice of sanity in this contest | London Evening Standard - Rory Stewart
  • The story behind my “With all due respect, I don’t get confused” comment. This and other stories available now in #withallduerespect - Nikki Haley
  • Racial slurs have no place anywhere in our society. The comment made by this Community Education Council member cannot be tolerated. We must all stand up and denounce this disgusting and unacceptable language. - Grace Meng
  • This is the ultimate destination of all this criticism-is-harassment, help-someone-said-something-mean-to-me garbage: a successful author with 250k followers pretending a 2017 college grad's mean comment about her is an assault on her very well-being. - Jesse Singal
  • Stuart Hogg hits out at Sonny Bill Williams over comment after Toronto move - Doreen Totton
  • Boris Johnson has said there is no evidence of Russian interference in UK politics. The prime minister’s comment came as he remained under intense - Maureen Fitzsimmons
  • Michigan players comment on 'dirty' Panasiuk brothers at MSU - WolverinesWire
  • O Canada... 85-year-old hockey sportscaster Don Cherry fired for patriotic remarks that offended immigrants. No apologies from Don who responds "I cannot be turned into a tamed robot.” Right on, Don! - GrrrGraphics Cartoons
  • Sec. Pompeo declines to address specific questions about former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch or Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine—both of whom have been attacked by the president and the White House. - ABC News
  • #zeenataman @IndianExpress Blunder to identify Madam ZeenatAman, photo of late Praveen Babi is indicated? @MaheshNBhatt Sir, Please comment. Zeenat was crowned Femina Miss India in 1970. Here she is seen with Randhir Kapoor. (Photo: Express Archive) - You Are OK We Are OK
  • A former Chick-fil-A VP who was at the company for 32 years liked a comment about "*ucking f***" always complaining. Unliked a few minutes later, so going to assume this was a mistake! - Kate Taylor