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  • As a CRPF contingent deployed for poll duty in Jharkhand alleged "animal like treatment", after they were given water from a water cannon to drink & cook, here is an untold story of the harrowing journeys these jawans make for the election process. - Ananya Bhardwaj
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says monopolies aren't bad if they aren't abused - Business Insider
  • "Beyond the practical skills, cooking builds character. It encourages kids to work with others to produce the final result" - TIME
  • “Apple’s complaint shows that it is monitoring and examining its employees’ phone records and text messages, in a stunning and disquieting invasion of privacy”, catastrophic if true. Cook-should-resign levels of overreach and violation. - DHH
  • you can also find the quotes in this article. It’s really lovely to read what Mary Berry thinks about the cambs, it’s great to read how laidback, genuine and lovely people they are, as William said: they are happy people. Can’t wait to watch the special - Isa
  • They really are a pigeon couple - Mary Berry about The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - - Cambridge Royalty
  • "You get told about Don Bradman, you get told about Captain Cook, but you never get told about our warriors, and that's what these men were...” Boxing Day Test medal to honour Indigenous cricketing pioneer Johnny Mullagh. - ABC Indigenous
  • Low-level, nonviolent cannabis offenders are not a danger to our community and expunging these records will help reinvest in Cook County. I’m running for re-election because I want to fight on behalf of our communities, not against them. - Kim Foxx
  • My col. today - along with nasty comments. Le sigh: Fidelma Cook: I saw poverty that shocked me to the core in Glasgow in the 1970s...but this is worse - fidelma cook
  • 1. The latest piece in my curriculum series is a look back (and forward) at Common Core. "There is so much space between the people who cook up these policies and the classroom." I review the movement at age 10, with U.S. academic performance stagnant. - Dana Goldstein
  • Did... did a monopoly write this? - Alan Cole
  • 'It was just lovely observing them...When they’re together, #princewilliam is constantly touching her arm and looking over at her smiling & she's the same w him. It was very sweet to see b/c it was so natural.” #katemiddleton - Angelica (“The Schuyler Sisters”🎶)
  • Corporate cash was banned from B.C. elections. Developer's employees started donating. It’s the curious case of the cook, the construction manager and their colleagues: - Dan Fumano
  • Thomas Cook delays - CAA admits '60 day refund promise' has been paused for thousands of people - Mirror Money Saving
  • #hyunbin Is Both A Bewildered Soldier And A Sweet Cook In Front Of #sonyejin In "#crashlandingonyou" - Soompi
  • #pacific: It might surprise Australians who have spent dreamy holidays in Fiji or the Cook Islands, but the Pacific has the world’s highest rates of family violence. - World Vision Aus News
  • With recreational marijuana set to become legal in the state in 20 days, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Fox said she was calling for the convictions to be wiped out in the interest of justice, calling the expungements Wednesday “the first of many.” - Chicago Sun-Times
  • Flawless hero or bogeyman? Captain Cook still divides along black and white lines - Lenore Taylor
  • "Despite Mum’s rather Dickensian boarding school tales, and, more pertinently, her utter revulsion for porridge of any kind, I simply love the gooey, unctuous stuff. And I have our Mangalorean cook Mary to thank for that," writes writer Raul Dias. - The Hindu



🍭 XMAS MUSIC GWEN STEFANI - YOU MAKE IT FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS DELUXE 🍭 Dnešný tretí adventný článok bol venovaný nielen samotnej vianočnej hudbe, ale aj vianočným fi...

Готую стрічку до того, що скоро буде безліч фоточок)) та

Готую стрічку до того, що скоро буде безліч фоточок)) так, безліч майже однакових фоточок перед нр я...


"Prendo sempre spunto dai miei spuntini per fare i miei orecchini" I crackers mi fanno sentire così raffinata e un po' più carina, sicuramente, è tutto merito di quella farina....

Fangirling ~ A guilty pleasure of mine is to binge-watch cooking shows so attending Wolfgang Puck's

Fangirling ~ A guilty pleasure of mine is to binge-watch cooking shows so attending Wolfgang Puck's masterclass and meeting this world-renowned celebrity chef was a (foodie) dream ...