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  • "Pushing through winter, to emerge on the other side, elicits a feeling of communal triumph." - National Geographic
  • Trevor Noah: Trump realized 'all the cool kids at school are laughing' at him #trumpisalaughingstock - John Lundin 🌊
  • 'It's cool now': why Dungeons & Dragons is casting its spell again - The Guardian
  • "If it’s dipped in rose gold or is mid-century-looking, it’s probably cool." - The New Yorker
  • It always was! #dnd - Greg Tito
  • Very cool and normal that Slack was used at a company run by the fiancee of Slack's CEO to create "a culture of intimidation and constant surveillance" where PoC were fired for being "racist" by talking to each other about being discriminated against. - Senior Oops Engineer
  • 14 Really Interesting Little Facts About "The Good Place's" "Janet(s)" Episode - BuzzFeed
  • Billie Eilish Can't Name a Single Van Halen Member But the Band's Bassist Says It's ''Cool'' - E! News
  • oh cool now that Jared's got Middle East peace all squared away he can get right on stealing land from Texas voters - shauna
  • I interviewed the super cool Mel C about her very good new music, making up for lost time and trans rights - Laura Snapes
  • Get a sneak peek at two of the new posters from Mondo's upcoming Pixar art show - Mashable
  • Cool, chill, totally knew this taylor swift documentary was a thing "Lana Wilson's doc Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, which delves into the pop icon’s transformation from apolitical star into someone willing to harness the full power her voice" - KiMi Robinson
  • Year 2007 BBC: Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013 Year 2015 BBC: Arctic ice 'grew by a third' after cool summer in 2013 How dare you,..Fake news BBC? - Janez Novak
  • So cool to see one of my fav SoCal beers finding a new home in #chicago. @KINGSnCONVICTS @BallastPoint - CarterCast
  • ICYMI the takeaway from this rant is STOP taking actual votes and the people attached to them for granted. The VRA was dismantled by SCOTUS in ‘13 b/c Romney spent a cool *billion* but still lost 332 electoral votes to the Obama coalition in ‘12. - Propane Jane™
  • Take a ride on the subway with this very cool interactive that shows how New York City’s 40-year old subway map came to be: - Emma G. Fitzsimmons
  • “This Leonardo DiCaprio is a cool guy, right? Giving money to torch the Amazon,” Jair Bolsonaro said without presenting any evidence - New York Times World
  • Chris Hemsworth is a cool customer as handsome actor flashes the peace sign while out in New York - Daily Mail Celebrity
  • Hailey Bieber has a knack for making the buttoned-up two piece feel less corporate. - Vogue Magazine


Mom mad at me cus I bought food for myself one time and she never asked for a piece, so i didn't giv

Mom mad at me cus I bought food for myself one time and she never asked for a piece, so i didn't give her any. Now she's over there saying how selfish i am 😐 (Ignore this) ° °...

♡ 9/20 ♡ . . . いつもありがとうございます☺︎ 笑いながらの楽しい施術

♡ 9/20 ♡ . . . いつもありがとうございます☺︎ 笑いながらの楽しい施術、 リフレッシュ出来て感謝です🥺 どんな画像持ってきても...

В тёплых отношениях всегда имеет значение самое начал

В тёплых отношениях всегда имеет значение самое начало дня. Дело трёх секунд — обнять, поцеловать...