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  • This is an unnervingly large number - Bill McKibben
  • Far from “scum,” as Trump calls them, FBI agents acted to protect America from Russian threat in opening investigation, which resulted in charges against dozens of Russians. FISA errors were bad, but occurred after case opened and its evidence was not used - Barb McQuade
  • Remember this? As we began to publicly denounce how women were being denied proper medical care at Karnes County Residential Center, ICE transferred over 1,000 of them to various detention facilities across the country in October. Well, we found them - RAICES
  • Two Nigerian students, in Croatia for a table tennis tournament, were mistaken for undocumented migrants. The men said they were arrested by the police, robbed of their money and clothes, and deported at gunpoint to a country they had never heard of. - The New York Times
  • We thought we had a consensus about basic norms protecting freedom & self-government. That consensus has been swept away by GOP partisans who value political power over the constitutional liberties they claimed to revere above everything else. My column - EJ Dionne
  • "Make up your minds: Whose side are you on? Gun manufacturers, the gun lobby, or the children that are getting gunned down in this country every single day.” Houston's police chief slammed Mitch McConnell and GOP lawmakers over inaction on gun violence. - CNN
  • House GOPers keep acting as if this testimony never happened: Laura Cooper, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine & Eurasia, testified that Ukrainian officials knew as early as July 25 there was an issue with US aid to the country - Jake Tapper
  • “Every day, 100 Americans are shot and killed, and hundreds more are wounded. Many more live having witnessed an event. This is not the price we pay for our country’s freedom.” The extraordinarily powerful @Nelba_MG - Beto O'Rourke
  • Feedback loops are already happening. “This is a nasty negative feedback cycle of a biosphere carbon sink becoming a source [of carbon].” #climateemergency - theJuice
  • Jason Chaffetz: The damage James Comey did to our country, the drama and expense is truly breathtaking - Jason Chaffetz
  • Citizenship Amendment Bill:As protests flare,murmurs in govt over ‘error of judgement’ But the honourable President has stamped his assent&is now an Act Sensitive borders of the country are on the brink,is this India’s worst nightmare? Praying for peace - Priyanka Chaturvedi
  • 'It's a catastrophic result for the country and for everything that the Labour party exists to fight for.' @OwenJones84 believes Labour tried to be the compromise party of Brexit which did work in 2017 'before society polarised very severely over Brexit' - ITV News
  • Muslims will bear the brunt, of course, but India’s vast Hindu population will also suffer collateral damage. And all our rights as citizens will have been forever eroded, says Farah Naqvi - Siddharth
  • Former U.S. officials helped the UAE hack emails of Saudi women’s rights activist @LoujainHathloul. She was later arrested and sent back to her home country, where her brother says she was tortured - Reuters
  • "Slowly, gradually, but inexorably, our country is accepting the unacceptable. We thought we had a consensus about basic norms that protect freedom and self-government. That consensus has been swept away..." Good @EJDionne read on Trump/Barr debasements: - Greg Sargent
  • "She’s a good ol’ country girl like anyone else. She’s earned where she is, it wasn’t given to her. I respect that." — LeeAnn Blankenship, who voted for Trump in 2016. Great article on how Warren is winning over Trump voters: - Ella Dawson
  • By needlessly alienating Indian Muslims Modi isn’t solving the country’s problems. He’s creating new problems that future generations will struggle to fix. [My take] - Sadanand Dhume
  • Dan Bongino: Comey a 'stain on the country' - Dan Bongino
  • As @DrJaneFlegal would say, carbon sinks are becoming carbon sources. We are going to need more than natural climate solutions. We need to put carbon back underground. - Leah Stokes


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