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  • Zambia's President says U.S. Ambassador should leave the country after he defended a gay couple - TIME
  • The Hallmark Channel pulled 4 TV ads featuring a lesbian couple kissing after a petition by the conservative group One Million Moms - The New York Times
  • I really wish this reporter had bothered to ask these couples if they would think it defensible to host a wedding at Treblinka or Bergen-Belsen or Auschwitz - Soraya Nadia McDonald
  • [email protected] caved to pressure from an anti-LGBTQ group and pulled an ad featuring a same-sex couple on their wedding day. The only thing controversial here is Hallmark’s shameful actions. Hallmark has failed our community & all of their customers. - Human Rights Campaign
  • According to the church, the goal was to create “greater inclusion and identification in the Church.” - Out Magazine
  • [email protected], you have a phenomenal record with the LGBTQ community. Will you continue to advertise on the @hallmarkchannel, which refuses to air commercials featuring a gay couple kissing? - Sleeping Giants
  • "A spokesman for the channel said the lesbian couple’s P.D.A. violated its policies. Hallmark did not reject a similar ad featuring an opposite-sex couple." That's not a policy, @Hallmark, that's bigotry. FYI. - ‘Nathan Burgoine
  • Clerical error gave Dallas couple $37 million in their bank account — for a few hours - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Hallmark Channel faces backlash after pulling ads featuring a lesbian couple: 'Isn't it almost 2020?' - Newsweek
  • The Geminid meteor shower, considered one of the most active and dependable displays of the year, will peak on the evening of December 13 & 14. If you're away from light pollution, meteors could be visible every couple of minutes from 10 p.m. until dawn. - CNN
  • Mississippi mum and dad graduate on same day just before son - BBC News (World)
  • Rob & Karen have made the international news. Nasty pieces of work. #toostrongforyoukaren - 💧 Mark Anning
  • Gay couples get married. Gay couples kiss. @hallmarkchannel you may retain a small group of viewers who operate on hate with this decision, but you'll lose the the rest of America, the majority. We don't. #boycotthallmarkchannel (888) 390-7474 - Tony Stark 2020 💥⎊
  • That’s ok. Much better to spend $2bn on replacing a couple of football stadiums. - Mike Carlton
  • The Scarlett Johansson-hosted episode of #snl featured a parody of 'Marriage Story' about Kellyanne Conway’s relationship with her husband George Conway - The Hollywood Reporter
  • Couples therapists are already hearing from their clients about 'Marriage Story' - Ashley Fetters
  • Thanks to Brenda and Mike Harrison for their generous gift benefitting middle-income students. - TCU
  • Wedding ads showing lesbian couple were too 'controversial' to air, Hallmark says - Montreal Gazette


Smiling makes you happier. Now this is as true as it is strange. Smiling actually makes you, the per

Smiling makes you happier. Now this is as true as it is strange. Smiling actually makes you, the person smiling, happier regardless of the situation. Normally we are hardwired to s...