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  • Rats: they have a bad rep, but here’s why they’re great as pets - - Pippa and Neema
  • Here's your morning dose of #cuteanimals! - CBS11
  • A dog has befriended a baby giraffe that was abandoned at birth, rescued and taken to a local orphanage. #cuteanimals - Yahoo News Australia
  • As a matter of fact, we're *not* obsessing over this adorable munchkin. (Well, maybe a little.) #cuteanimals get us every time. - CBS11
  • "The rats were not required to take a driving test at the end of the study." This is the sort of news I need in my life. #cuteanimals - Kim M. Watt
  • Here are some funny animal pictures to start your day off right. #cuteanimals #natgeo #dqm0 - Valerie Milici
  • Video: Rescued baby #deer now a beloved family pet #cuteanimals - Belfast Telegraph
  • "Diaz created Chonky to be "a safe group to post chubby cats, or any cats, without meanness."" I NEED MORE PHOTOS! Show me your non-human sidekicks, lovely people - chonky or not! #catsoftwitter #cuteanimals - Kim M. Watt
  • It's not just the ears: Every child learns that African #elephants have larger ears than their Asian cousins. But that's just the start. There are many more differences — some big and others small. #cuteanimals - DW Science
  • Alpacas with retro hairstyles, is there anything better?! #alpacas #retro #cuteanimals - West Wight Alpacas
  • Because we can all use something cute today, here's a raccoon that got stuck in a storm drain grating and then got rescued... #cuteanimals - Spencer Blake
  • Operation bring home the bison is a booming success. Check out the herd's progress this year: - The Star Calgary
  • “It takes months to fall in love with a partner but 30 mins to love a pet” - PetShare
  • It's #worldotterday! Remember this lovely little family from #wildshetland? Why not take another look on @BBCiPlayer! - Maramedia
  • Who knew there were bison in the Pittsburgh area? #cuteanimals - TribLIVE.com
  • 'Don't have a cow, man.' The badger that didn't listen to Bart. #thesimpsons #animals #utah #badger #cuteanimals - Quirks & Quarks
  • What has four LEGOs and crawls? An injured Maryland box turtle recovers using LEGO-made wheelchair. And yes there's video. #cuteanimals - Dana Hedgpeth
  • Which Cute Animal Matches Your Personality? - Radiance Ring
  • I’m getting really tired of cute animal videos where anyone who knows animals knows there is some abuse behind the training. Please watch. #cuteanimals #viralvideos #animalcruelty - Mary Fernando