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  • #themandalorian's secret weapon? Classic Star Wars cuteness - VANITY FAIR
  • The Baby Yoda Funko Pop is here, and no one is ready for its cuteness - io9
  • Too. Much. CUTENESS. - E! News
  • Over the course of domestication, dogs developed two new facial muscles that their wolf ancestors never had. Their purpose? Cuteness. @haleysweiss reports: - The Atlantic
  • There's science behind when puppies reach “peak cuteness” - National Geographic
  • Baby Yoda: An Evolutionary Psychologist Breaks Down His Scientific Cuteness - Rolling Stone
  • We tend to appreciate penguins for their cuteness. But to the natural world, it’s their poop that matters. - The New York Times
  • Cuteness overload! - Soompi
  • Pokemon Detective Pikachu is an exhausting gumball noir whose cuteness gets old fast: EW review - Entertainment Weekly
  • Get ready to cry from cuteness overload. - BuzzFeed
  • Time for psalm cuteness. - E! News
  • WATCH: #yangsejong, #aoa's Seolhyun, And #woodohwan Show Off Cuteness Amid Intense Action Scenes For "My Country" - Soompi
  • Prince George of Cambridge who has lost some baby teeth is here to supply everyone with some daily cuteness - TIME
  • Cuteness factor trips up the unicorn’s street cred as symbol of Scottish independence. “This isn’t My Little Pony with a horn. It’s important.” - The Wall Street Journal
  • Cuteness alert: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex introduce their newborn royal baby boy to the world - USA TODAY
  • Jacob Tremblay cracks up Jimmy Fallon with impressions, overall cuteness - Entertainment Weekly
  • Cuteness alert: These photos provided by the Berlin Zoo show 8-week-old panda cubs. - AP Oddities
  • WATCH: #parkjihoon Charms #byunwooseok With His Cuteness On Set Of “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” - Soompi
  • “The most challenging part of being a dad is not succumbing to your kids’ cuteness all the time. That can set a dangerous precedent. You’re so in love with your children that you’d do anything for them." - HuffPost


Hello Saturday !!! What’s your plans today ?? We’re off for a Christmas tree this afternoon, thi

Hello Saturday !!! What’s your plans today ?? We’re off for a Christmas tree this afternoon, this morning I’m in the shop. We’re open 10~12pm today. I’ve still a couple ...