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  • Funko Is Releasing A Baby Yoda Pop, And I Am Seriously Going To Protect This Cutie At All Costs - BuzzFeed
  • Baby Yoda amigurimi, a crocheted cutie by Allison Hoffman - Boing Boing
  • Is Jake Johnson a turtle? A grumpy bear? Sure, but also a total snack! We examine all the ways this Chicago cutie is more than just “Nick Miller” from #newgirl. New ep up now! - Thirst Aid Kit
  • What a cutie!! - Roxanne Wortham
  • He needs a good spanking Savannah Guthrie Says She Doesn’t Want ‘Cutie’ Son, 2, to ‘Feel Bad’ for Her Eye Injury - خجل ♬
  • I got Lisa from Blackpink! omg cutie - adi !!!
  • #babyyoda has an important #safety message for you, drivers “You might not have a hover stroller, but you can definitely #buckle your little Star Wars fan up properly in a car seat before you hit the road to a galaxy (or grocery store) far, far away.” - Ida van Schalkwyk
  • This gave me a smile and a sniffle. My folks had a hardware store and I spent a lot of time as a kid helping customers, sweeping aisles, and doing my homework and drawing stuff in the office, though I was a little older than the cutie in this ad. - Chris Hampton
  • And ornithopod cutie Weewarrasaurus, described from a stunning piece of colourful opalised jawbone. - John Pickrell 🌈
  • True is SUCH a cutie, @Khloekardashian! - HollywoodLife
  • The Child, aka Baby Yoda, is now available as a plush toy. But there's a catch - CNET: Do get Mattel's 11-inch plush based on this cutie from The Mandalorian. Or do not. There is no try. - N3T BUSINESS
  • 'Baby Yoda' Plushies Are Now Available For Pre-Order - Scotty K
  • Yoooo check out this talented lady's crochet!! So awesome!! -Baby Yoda amigurimi, a crocheted cutie by Allison Hoffman - Mellie
  • Was there a doubt? 'Cutie' Greta: “climate crisis” agenda is not just about the environment, but about fighting the “colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression.” She is counterproductive In the extreme - Epa Minondas
  • This 18,000 year old puppy is still a cutie. #mummy #puppy - TheRealArbuckle
  • "9.30pm: Mid-faffing and I’ve managed to book tickets to see The Muppet Christmas Carol at Backyard Cinema in December for a festive date night with T (his suggestion – cutie). £24 each " - Refinery29 UK


Скорей, скорей, ма!!🏃‍♀️ нужно все-все ПИСьма прочита

Скорей, скорей, ма!!🏃‍♀️ нужно все-все ПИСьма прочитать! 📬 и всем ответить!📩 Хвостики, скоро буд...