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  • MSNBC's telecast of last night's Democratic debate captured one of the smallest audiences for the current cycle of these events, according to early Nielsen data: 6.5M total viewers, about 1.67M in the 25-54 demo - Brian Steinberg
  • Inside Apple’s iPhone Software Testing Shakeup After Buggy iOS 13 Debut — Apple is said to be shifting how it tests its software, starting with iOS 14, to avoid another buggy software cycle: - Mark Gurman
  • Wednesday's Dem debate, the fifth this year, was the least-watched one of this election cycle. The ratings for MSNBC were down more than 20% from last month's match-up on CNN. - Brian Stelter
  • For the first time this election cycle, the moderators for a #demdebate are all women, marking only the third time this has happened in US history. They are: – Rachel Maddow – Andrea Mitchell – Kristen Welker – Ashley Parker - Vox
  • Bernie Sanders’ campaign has also spent $30 million on political ads in this election cycle. - Frank Luntz
  • Ethiopia should press on accountability to end cycle of impunity. EHRC needs a radical reform for long term work - Daniel Bekele
  • South Dakota is the only state that classifies ingestion of illegal substances as a felony, a hard-line approach that has widely been shown to make it harder to break the cycle of addiction. - Los Angeles Times
  • [email protected] on @Thanathorn_FWP: “The billionaire scion of a car parts empire, succeeded in reenergizing young Thais, who flocked to his banner of ending the cycle of coups and bloody street protests that has dogged Thailand for 80 years” #time100next - TIME
  • A different election cycle might’ve been more amenable to a candidate like Julián Castro, whose singular perspective on racism and justice would, in a better world, find him in the upper tier of candidates. @zakcheneyrice writes - New York Magazine
  • "Most residents cycle because it is quick. Only 1% cite concern for the environment as their primary reason. This shows it is a mistake to focus pro-cycling campaigns on environmental benefits" - Aaron W. Gordon
  • I grew up in care. I wanted to break the cycle and be the good parent I didn't have - Dr Julie Wilkinson
  • Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has surged to its highest rate in more than a decade. Scientists fear the rainforest is close to a "dieback" tipping point, where it will enter an irreversible cycle of collapse and turn into a dry savanna. - Vox
  • Mia Wasikowska on Judy & Punch and gendered violence: 'How do you break that cycle?' - The Guardian
  • Here's a bit of news we probably shouldn't let get buried in the news cycle today. Among other things, repeals the rules that had said studios can't own theaters/can't institute requirements that theaters must play several of their movies or none of them - Will Mavity
  • With this brazen move, @realDonaldTrump and @SecPompeo further isolate Israel and the U.S. from the world and make even more remote the possibility of peace and a crucial two-state solution. But it does shift the news cycle. - David Axelrod
  • Rethinking the Junior Cycle reforms - roisin mernagh
  • Given how important the topic of voting rights is, it definitely hasn’t been talked about enough in this campaign cycle. In fact, this week's #democraticdebate was the first time voting rights were brought up in a debate since 2016. That's 32 debates! - Texas Civil Rights Project
  • Commercial Real Estate: Should You Be A Buyer Or A Lender At This Point In The Cycle? #giccapital - Matching Capital with Opportunity I #constructionuk I #ukhashtags - #GICCapital
  • Lots of news was overlooked or not published this week because of the impeachment hearings. The developments in North and South Korea are among the most serious. Watch for a crazy Friday news cycle. - Griz




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Ne te méprend pas l’ambiance champêtre c’est juste pour mon feed, c’est plus instagramable tu vois 💁🏼‍♀️ En vérité c’était la guerre avec les automobiliste...