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  • A very nice article on Ghislain (also share some insights on his working relationship with Yuzu). It is in French but Google Translate works well on this one. - Mery - Yuzuru is the bestest boi 🥰
  • “I’d like people to understand that hearing is not only for ears.” - National Geographic
  • Targeting Black and Latinx commuters only further erodes the trust between law enforcement and their communities. If we’re serious about criminal justice reform, we must move towards a system that protects its communities instead of preying on them. - Elizabeth Warren
  • I noticed “Judaism” and “American Jews” trending so I thought I’d take a moment to help set the record straight. Here’s my OpEd via @Newsweek. Trump Wants You To Think All Muslims Hate Jews. Take It From A U.S. Marine: That's a Blatant Lie | Opinion - MuslimMarine
  • This Dem generational divide explains a lot. Older voters — who recall a time when the parties were less sorted and bipartisanship was the norm — like Biden/Buttigieg. Younger voters — who have no living memory of such an era — like Sanders/Warren. - Sahil Kapur
  • Twitter survey time.. ANY employer out there who'd knowingly hire someone with a CV dripping with lies & deception? On Thursday, if you’re thinking of voting Tory, ask yourself: would you hire someone sacked *twice* for lying? Or make them CEO? PM?! - Ed Davey 🔶
  • John McDonnell’s recommended reading is a guide to how a Corbyn government would try to dismantle capitalism, writes @Dannythefink #ge19 - The Times
  • “I'm a black woman...in a conversation about possibly being 2nd in command to the leader of the free world & I will not diminish my ambition or the ambition of any other women of color by saying that's not something I'd be willing to do.” @staceyabrams⁩ - Connie Schultz
  • I’d love to say incidents like these are rare but they’re not. I’ve had to drive a dying patient to A&E from surgery myself because ambulance service is so stretched This was, this IS, completely avoidable & will only get worse with 5 more yrs of Tories - Dr Alex Gates #voteNHS 🌹
  • Disney's Marvel Studios folds TV division, known for "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." - Los Angeles Times
  • [NEW] 191210 @OfficialMonstaX memeber Hyungwon mentions Kyungsoo’s #thatsok in his list of “All Time Favorites” in the group’s interview with Billboard - Kyungsoo Updates ⛄
  • U.S. Attorney General William Barr calls the FBI's investigation of President Trump's campaign a "travesty" in comments made at the #wsjceocouncil event in Washington, D.C. Watch live: - The Wall Street Journal
  • Key graph: "Over 65% of Metro's highest-income rail customers get.. employee-transit benefit according to Metro, while only 10% of the lowest-income customers get some type of assistance from their employers." That's 100% what transit inequity looks like. - Charles Allen
  • Buried in the article you find that 88% of Tory ads are indecent, dishonest and untruthful. Vs 0% for Labour You'd think that 2 days before an election this would be an important headline Apparently not. Feels oddly dystopian that facts no longer matter - Duncan Astle
  • In the News: panic in Conservative ranks about seats such as #esherandwalton. Vote for me on Thursday and we can turn it from true blue to vibrant yellow. #votetactically #votenottory #makeitmonica #rejectraab @remainutd @unitetoremain - Monica Harding🔶 #LibDems
  • [email protected] investing $7 billion during the next 3 years to strengthen #rnd & accelerate innovations in #5g, #6g, #bigdata, #ai, #iot & #ar to influence the intelligent connectivity in future manifests tremendous growth opportunities in these #emergintech. - Dr.Omkar Rai
  • Yet again, @dannythefink pays Corbyn & McDonnell the compliment of taking what they say seriously and assuming they actually mean what they say. The problem is what they say, and mean, is utterly mad. - alexmassie
  • "U'd have to look pretty hard to find a record @BTS_twt left unbroken in 2019!BTS was recently crowned BB's TSA of the yr, dominating the Social 50 chart for 2 consecutive yrs now. By early 2020, the grp will likely shatter JB's record 4 most wks at S50." - Moon road
  • This is extraordinary reporting. You have to get past the headline, standfirst and 18 paras of text before learning what you'd think would be the quite important nuance that a study found 0% of Labour Facebook ads misleading (Tories: 88%) - Jack Seale


아침에 차타러 가면 도리도리 아니란다🤣(뭐가 아닌거니... 얼집 가야지😅

아침에 차타러 가면 도리도리 아니란다🤣(뭐가 아닌거니... 얼집 가야지😅) 문센첫날 운동 할 꺼니깐 스포티하게😉 얼집보다 더 적응 ...

#D+117일 안녕승연❤️ 승연이의 터미타임🥳🥳 유독 승브로는 고개힘이 없

#d+117일 안녕승연❤️ 승연이의 터미타임🥳🥳 유독 승브로는 고개힘이 없어서 터미타임을 많이 힘들어하는 스타일ㅠㅠ 그래도 승연이...