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  • Playing in the Dark is going out in two parts on @BBCRadio4 over the Holidays: Part 1 is at 6am on Christmas Day - Neil Gaiman
  • GOP Sen. Joni Ernst illegally coordinated with a dark money group, and the scandal is making headlines all across Iowa. - Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
  • Setting emission cut targets for future dates or becoming “climate neutral” is much easier if you exclude aviation, shipping, consumption, imports, exports and “offset” your emissions elsewhere... What we need is real, drastic emission cuts at the source. - Greta Thunberg
  • "Members of Gen Z may find themselves less familiar with the accumulated wisdom of humanity than any recent generation, and therefore more prone to embrace ideas that bring social prestige within their immediate network yet are ultimately misguided." - Josh Kraushaar
  • In 2003 one of my EOD instructors called BLU-97 bomblets "engineer killers." In 2014, as a new jschool grad, I knew there must be a story there. Been reporting it out ever since. We published today in @NYTimesAtWar - John Ismay
  • By making #darkwaters, we hope that the film brings more awareness to a massive public health threat that DuPont wanted to cover up. - Mark Ruffalo
  • Emails and a strategy memo make clear that Iowa Values' aim is securing an Ernst win in 2020, but they also show Ernst and her campaign worked closely together. That could be illegal. - Citizens for Ethics
  • A 'rigged' referendum..? Perhaps involving electoral fraud, or illegal data harvesting, or illegal collusion, or dark money funding, or interference from hostile foreign powers...and then covering it all up? My irony-o-meter just melted under the strain. - Liberal_Leigh 🕷️ 🔶 🇪🇺 #FBPE #StopBrexit
  • “I am a sexual-, verbal-, physical-abuse survivor and I know I can empower people to tell their story and hold people accountable and initiate healing for themselves. That’s all I’m trying to do now, is help people” #hockey #abuse #nhl #mondaymotivation - Daniel Carcillo
  • BREAKING: Sen. Joni Ernst Busted In Illegal Dark Money Scheme - John Lundin 🌊
  • This is political corruption, plain and simple, and Senator Ernst owes voters a thorough explanation for her illegal tactics. Iowans deserve a Senator they can trust. #iasen - Theresa Greenfield
  • The San Francisco 49ers suspended radio analyst Tim Ryan Wednesday after he said that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson's dark skin helps him disguise a dark football when running fake handoffs. - SportsCenter
  • New York. San Francisco. Rio De Janeiro. Hong Kong. These still, dark landscapes offer a glimpse of a parallel universe - WIRED
  • Every app should have a dark mode, and it’s good for your eyes, your brain and your battery - The Wall Street Journal
  • The worst is over for the #indianeconomy, writes #ruchirsharma, in an upbeat ⁦@timesofindia⁩ op-ed. That won’t please his amateur-pessimist buddies - Minhaz Merchant
  • This giraffe suffers from a genetic condition called leucism, inhibiting pigmentation in skin cells. Unlike albinism animals with leucism continue to produce dark pigment in their soft tissue which explains the white giraffes’ dark eyes and other colouring - Massimo
  • "untethered to political convention, the tech entrepreneur has spent months cruising around the country, delivering dark warnings about America's new tech economy with an odd mix of millennial humor & bite." #yang2020 #yangmediashoutout to @bostonherald - Joel Waterman🧢
  • Delighted to say that DARK MATTER will be serialised by BBC Radio Four as their Christmas Book at Bedtime this year. Starts tomorrow - Michelle Paver
  • 'Dark money' ties raise troubling questions for GOP Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa - Jon Cooper 🇺🇸


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Cara Ikea, in questa foto sembro felice di poter assaggiare quel mocaccino. Ma il mocaccino (o marocchino) non è semplicemente del caffè con un po’ di panna sopra. Quindi ti pr...