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  • Setting emission cut targets for future dates or becoming “climate neutral” is much easier if you exclude aviation, shipping, consumption, imports, exports and “offset” your emissions elsewhere... What we need is real, drastic emission cuts at the source. - Greta Thunberg
  • Two Nigerian students, in Croatia for a table tennis tournament, were mistaken for undocumented migrants. The men said they were arrested by the police, robbed of their money and clothes, and deported at gunpoint to a country they had never heard of. - The New York Times
  • The definitive Batman voice finally gets his Dark Knight moment in front of the camera - The Washington Post - Kevin Conroy
  • By making #darkwaters, we hope that the film brings more awareness to a massive public health threat that DuPont wanted to cover up. - Mark Ruffalo
  • BREAKING: Sen. Joni Ernst Busted In Illegal Dark Money Scheme - John Lundin 🌊
  • As Narendra Modi introduces a bill that excludes Muslims from citizenship, I write on the worlds largest democracy sliding into a dark place, the land of Gandhi now home to a fascist regime that wants to other Muslims as second class citizens. - Rana Ayyub
  • GOP Sen. Joni Ernst illegally coordinated with a dark money group, and the scandal is making headlines all across Iowa. - Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
  • “It will make you consider what art is, can be, and can do. To put pencil to paper in such circumstances is to reassert your humanity, to remind yourself and others that you exist. Of saying “I’m still here” when powers that be don’t want you to be seen.” - Ava DuVernay
  • An outside group founded by top political aides to Republican Sen. Joni Ernst has worked closely with Ernst to raise money and boost her reelection prospects, a degree of overlap that potentially violates the law, documents obtained by The AP show. - Kyle Griffin
  • It was gut-wrenching listening to former Bruin Tim Thomas describe the brain damage he has endured since disappearing from the public eye in 2014 "I didn't want to tell the world this stuff. Not till I felt ready and I didn't feel ready yet. But here I am" - Emily Kaplan
  • Too sick for analysis. Where do you begin. This morning I am a stranger in a land I barely understand. Will never understand. This morning I have never felt less English in my life. Nor more Scouse. - Jeff Goulding
  • As Labour heartlands tumbled across the country, it was never in doubt that Liverpool would return five red rose MPs - Liverpool Echo
  • Manipulated Twitter accounts, doctored videos, dodgy websites and questions of foreign meddling. In just 6 weeks, the campaign leading up to Britain’s general election this Thursday has had a taste of the dark arts of online campaigning. - The New York Times
  • "If Labour is to rebuild - and it must do because people depend on it - then once again Liverpool and Merseyside will have to provide the base for that recovery" - Liverpool Echo
  • If Boris Johnson gains a majority tomorrow, we are at risk of entering a political dark age dominated by extreme right-wing populism. Together, we can stop him: #votelabour - John McDonnell MP
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger says social media is a trap: "My managers and agents had me meet with social media gurus in order to get more likes and get more followers. It’s all a bunch of bulls—" - Variety
  • If this is true....it is like going back about 200 years. It wipes out EVERYTHING I grew up with. The dark ages is upon us - 💧pru
  • This is political corruption, plain and simple, and Senator Ernst owes voters a thorough explanation for her illegal tactics. Iowans deserve a Senator they can trust. #iasen - Theresa Greenfield
  • Former deputy commissioner Sir Ken Jones has spoken of a toxic, ‘‘absolute loyalty’’ to the boss culture within Victoria Police which provided fertile ground for an ‘‘industrial subversion’’ of the judicial system through the Lawyer X scandal. - The God Of The Purple Elixir


Cuando los experimentos del doctor Henry Jekyll con la cocaína le hacen perder el control sobre sí

Cuando los experimentos del doctor Henry Jekyll con la cocaína le hacen perder el control sobre sí mismo, surge su personalidad oculta, el horripilante Jack Hyde 😈💉 Éste b...



So, here it is... My first ever hiking-on-the-snow experience. It's been a long morning already, let

So, here it is... My first ever hiking-on-the-snow experience. It's been a long morning already, let's see how it will turn out... Hey, if no voice from me in the next 24 hours, I ...