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  • Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, who devoted his life to providing aid in Afghanistan, was among the six killed in an attack in the Afghan city of Jalalabad. Locals credit him with transforming vast areas of desert into fertile farming land. - NPR
  • The Nasca Lines are one of archaeology’s greatest mysteries—and they represent the most diverse collection of geoglyphs in the world - National Geographic
  • Mirages? No, these California desert oases are real yet magical - Los Angeles Times
  • From a distance, it’s hard to make out the details of this yellow photograph that seems like a piece of Pop art. But these items were all seized from migrants and asylum seekers trekking through the desert in an attempt to cross the U.S.-Mexico border - LAT Entertainment
  • I Am Jesus Christ is a real game based on the New Testament, and it begs the question "Are you ready to fight with Satan in the desert?" - IGN
  • A Saudi Air Force student's shooting spree that killed three people and wounded several others at a Navy base in Florida is testing America's relationship with the desert kingdom. - The Associated Press
  • A 4-degree gain in global temperatures could trigger: Ice vanishing from both poles Many rainforests turning to desert Rising sea levels flooding into the interior of continents Irreversible loss of diversity among plants and animals More - QuickTake by Bloomberg
  • The threat from locusts in the Horn of Africa and on the India-Pakistan border is “extremely serious,” UN says - Bloomberg
  • They could have fought in Las Vegas, New York, or an 80,000-seat stadium in Cardiff. Instead, Andy Ruiz are Anthony Joshua are in Saudi Arabia — and aren't asking why. How a $60 million prize fight landed in the desert. From Riyadh: - Joshua Robinson
  • Global warming: "Sahara Desert covered in 15 inches of SNOW as freak weather blankets sand dunes" - Tucker Goodrich
  • And in today’s @guardianweekend I’ve answered the question the world’s been clamouring to know: what are my Desert Island Discs? - Hadley Freeman
  • Public Libraries May Turn The Page For Colorado City's News Desert - tina fredo
  • Snow blanketed Southern California mountain and high desert communities. And more weather is coming Tuesday - Los Angeles Times
  • Actual line from a @washingtonpost "profile" of Valerie Plame: "She looks astoundingly good, at 56, as if the high-altitude desert air has preserved her skin since the day she arrived here 12 years ago." Not mentioned: Anti-Semitic tweets - - Eliana Johnson
  • A 17-year-old #yazidi woman from #kocho was found in a desert hideout near the city of Ramadi. She was only 12-years-old when she was abducted by #isis. The two other Yazidis aged 16 and 20 were found in separate locations in Syria. - Kristina Alicia
  • Prince William watches dedicated troops performing exercises in Kuwait as he wraps up another successful tour! As always WELL DONE Prince William!! Love the Cambridges - ❤ tweets with luv
  • In 1958, a Czech-born sociology professor named Nat Mendelsohn purchased 82,000 acres of land in the Mojave Desert and founded the optimistically named California City. It was intended to rival Los Angeles in size. It never took off. - WIRED
  • Saudi Arabia’s latest bid for influence: a $60 million heavyweight prize fight - The Wall Street Journal
  • In the Negev Desert, Palestinian children run in delight to the rickety old truck that brings them books, education and a connection to the world. This is the story of how one library on wheels helped bridge the education gap - Al Jazeera English




I took this one a few days ago on the way back from Las Vegas. Vegas is a strange place. Everyone wh

I took this one a few days ago on the way back from Las Vegas. Vegas is a strange place. Everyone who’s been there before knows that it’s very exciting on your way there and a...

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✨برایت چه بخواهم ز "خـدا" 💫بهتر از اینكه ✨خودش پنجره باز اتاقت باشد 💫عشق، محتاج نگاهت باشد ✨خلق،...