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  • Newsday sent people undercover with hidden cameras to go house hunting on Long Island. Did real estate agents treat our testers of different races the same? #lidivided - Newsday
  • These 38 Facebook pages appear to be grassroots Trump supporters based in different states. But they work in coordination and spread misleading or false content. Some are heavily promoting a 2020 candidate. And FB says this does not violate its policies: - Craig Silverman
  • During the protests in 2009, the main slogan was “Where is my vote?” This time we’re hearing loud chants of “Death to Khamenei.” That tells you all you need to know about the evolution of discontent. #iranianprotests - Jason Rezaian
  • During his first three hours of testimony on Wednesday, Gordon Sondland undercut at least nine different Republican defenses of President Trump’s actions on Ukraine. - The Fix
  • On today's Daily: something ......different! A third grader's guide to the impeachment. Meet Leo, an 8-year-old who taught @nytmike and I a lot about how to think about the biggest story of the year: - Michael Barbaro
  • Terry Glavin: The protests sweeping across Iran are different than those before it, says the human rights activist Masih Alinejad. This time, the government is scared. - Maclean's Magazine
  • Trump promised to be neutral on the Palestine/Israel question. He lied. Trump kept secret his intention to throw Palestinians under a bus in: 1. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. 2. Supporting Israel's right to annexe the Golan Heights, the WB and EJ. - Suzy S
  • It doesn't matter how much empathy you feel for your group if it leads you to devalue other groups. We need more rational compassion: reflective concern for people different from us. You don't have to share their feelings to care about their feelings. - Adam Grant
  • Nike's new shoe was not created for athletes such as basketball players or tennis players, but for a different crowd -- medical workers. - CNN
  • Note Scottish Twitter, how not once in this report of decades of failings was the English NHS health minister called to address the failings, called to resign or even make a statement. UK MSM and Scottish Media outlets is have 2 very different agendas. - IndyCommited
  • "If the price of the industrial revolution was planetary destruction on an unimaginable scale, the digital revolution may be costly in a different but similarly destructive way." - Jay Rosen
  • New @EU_ScienceHub soil team report in @NatureGeosci Different ecosystems store carbon (and nitrogen) in soil in different forms, more or less stable. Understanding this can lead to a wiser land management for carbon sequestration. - alberto_orgiazzi
  • This is not the first time Iran has shuttered online access to stop information from spreading. But this time, the blackout seems bigger and way more advanced, experts say. - CNN
  • “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This quote is often attributed to Albert Einstein. Suits Pakistan, though. They have been doing exactly the same thing for 72 years, expecting a different result. - Major Gaurav Arya (Retd)
  • The Lib Dem's @thomasbrake says tonight's #leadersdebate "was cosy" for Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, and that Jo Swinson "would of hit them from a different angle". #ge2019 Get live #generalelection2019 updates here: - Sky News
  • As New York City cracks down fare evasion, another city on the Northeast Corridor is weighing a radically different approach: Free transit. @VoteJivan, Cambridge's newly elected socialist councilman, is laying plans for free monthly T and bus passes. - Alexander Kaufman
  • And FWIW, cattle and bison are not synonymous; one can’t be cleanly swapped for the other. The mechanics of bison grazing vs. cattle grazing are not only different but incredibly important: A Thread: - Ryan
  • In re: my contention that Trump’s intent on Ukraine was directed at 2016 vindictiveness rather than 2020 electioneering, this WaPo report provides solid support: - Ben Shapiro
  • Republicans defending Trump's decision to hold up almost $400 million in aid say he cared about widespread corruption in Ukraine. But testimony, interview with aides & his own actions raise serious doubts about that defense. - Josh Dawsey