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  • Meet Sadie. She's been alive for 7 years. But she is *not* 49 in people years. Researchers say the old formula to calculate a doggo's hooman age — age in actual years x 7 — is wrong. In fact, she's closer to 62 (but still a h*ckin' good girl). - NPR
  • After looking at aging on the molecular level, researchers have developed a new formula they think will calculate your doggo's human age more accurately than the old human years x 7 method. - NPR
  • a nuanced look at the end of doggo racing from a website that used to be pretty good. - ryan cahill
  • "Within a week, our little doggo rebounded like a champion — loping happily across the yard, skittering over our hardwood floors like Tom Cruise in Risky Business" - New York Magazine
  • Sprinkled With Love, Laughter & A Cute Doggo, 'Cheesecake' Is On Top Of Our Binge-Watch List - Gautam Ved
  • 18,000 year old doggo. - Johnny Ech
  • Arsonist doggo - Tol™ Lauren copes with stress through memes
  • Doggo - Sayn Modrigo
  • Do you have a good doggo in your life? Here's how to give them the best life possible. - BBC Radio 4
  • A new doggo hashtag for today: #mischiefmonday! - pawzyco
  • Poor doggo, glad she's fine - LuciiFox
  • Big kitty was hungry. Poor doggo died as a result. Woman Punches Mountain Lion In Attempt To Save Her Miniature Schnauzer - 45 is a worldwide embarrassment/joke!!
  • Doggo was just trying to cook, yo. - Kevin Beaumont
  • Stupid doggo BBC News - Dog starts house fire in Essex by turning on microwave - Paul Knapton CProf 🏳️‍🌈
  • ancient doggo from ~18,000 yrs ago preserved well enough for whole genome sequencing - Jenny Chen
  • #cheesecake should be on your list too! - Indiatimes
  • Guys im starting a GoFundme account to help with medical bills, and expenses to take care of doggo. Please contact me if you can help out! i love him and he's precious! - ImposterEdits
  • Very good doggo Rex (of Hudson & Rex) is helping out some other very good older doggos, and you can meet him this weekend - CBC Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Here's what your doggo means when he extends his paw to you! - Mashable India




“Are you coming with me?” - Eris has the biggest puppy eyes I’ve ever seen. . . As I was grabb

“Are you coming with me?” - Eris has the biggest puppy eyes I’ve ever seen. . . As I was grabbing a scarf and letting all of the hot air out of our house (Like 41F/ 5C out), ...