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  • Tory candidate in Bradford ‘liked’ a tweet labelling British-born Naz Shah "a Pakideshi who pushes the “doggy do do Muslim narrative”. She's ex-BBC , & doesn't exactly sound English herself. (She is white though). - Helen121 🕷
  • BBC News - Beatboxing vicar Gavin Teyte to judge world championships - Nelli Andriukaityte
  • Noooooo I am a cat person ffs I got Doggy daycare owner! - F1 Kris
  • After ignoring video evidence of #dogs physically abused in doggy day care, #rspca let business carry on. Public disagreed - Community Action to Reform RSPCA
  • Wee Doggy!! RT @60Macc: Russian billionaire killed by vehicle while walking his dog in England - Designing for Dogs
  • Animals are truly wonderful. My doggy daughters make me a better human everyday - they saved me from incessant grief & low moods. I hope humanity realizes how imp it is to save the planet so we can have them forever. - SeemaBP
  • Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who! - Peter Iniodu
  • Could you help? - CoventryLive
  • Want to be a doggy foster carer this Christmas? - Dog Tracker Nano
  • Photographer Rachael Rodgers photographs and creates “doggy dating profiles” to show them in their element and increase their chances of adoption. #adoptdontshop - Woof Blitzer
  • Wee Doggy!! RT @Maryann78229180: Bride's photoshoot with beloved dog goes viral - Designing for Dogs
  • All this poor doggy was trying to do was hit the pause button - MarkAustin
  • Getaway to Point Isabel If there were a Doggy Hall of Fame, Point Isabel Regional Shoreline would be inducted. Recent upgrades make it great also for launching kayaks and sailboards, and it is a stellar destination for shoreline walks with a bay view. - Tom Stienstra
  • Wah Politics! Now everyone who has tendered for there projects has to feed the hungry NCP and the street side doggy Shiv Sena to save their investments! - Ankush Arya
  • Expression of faith - BBG RS
  • Wee Doggy!! RT @u2biker: Piers Morgan blasts Trudeau and Macron after mockery of US President Trump... DoG - Designing for Dogs
  • @gregjames did you triple doggy dare someone to steal a cannon? - bananas for bicycles
  • This snow potential is like asking for a puppy for Christmas and someone gives you a doggy stuffed animal. Rain is a definite, but IF the cold air catches up, we could have some *light* snow falling early Wednesday morning as far east as the Blue Ridge. - Brent Watts
  • FDA approves generic drug for separation anxiety which can help many dogs during stressful times of separation form the owners. #ans211 - Brian Bochucinski


어제 교수님 만나러 갔다왔다 한참 대화하다 내가 '혹시 설리와 구하라 자

어제 교수님 만나러 갔다왔다 한참 대화하다 내가 '혹시 설리와 구하라 자살한거 때문에 저처럼 힘들어하는 사람이 많나요?' 교수님왈...

Today mommy, daddy and I went to see Santa Paws! I pooped on the floor in the mall right before I sa

Today mommy, daddy and I went to see Santa Paws! I pooped on the floor in the mall right before I saw him but I posed really handsome for the picture so mommy still gave me a trea...

⠀ 언니 안한다고 했다 내가🤬 ⠀ ⠀ 크리스마스 장신구 다 쥐어 뜯길뻔했

⠀ 언니 안한다고 했다 내가🤬 ⠀ ⠀ 크리스마스 장신구 다 쥐어 뜯길뻔했어요 ,,😒...