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  • Michael Vick served 18 months in federal prison after admitting in 2007 that he participated in illegal dog fighting, killing dogs and operating a business enterprise that involved illegal gambling. - CNN
  • [email protected] slams U.S. policy on paid family leave, says dogs get more time with their puppies than mothers with newborn babies - Newsweek
  • Please help reunite Chloe with Lottie . I can imagine her life without her and it isn’t good . Anyone with any information please call Leicestershire Police on 101, quoting crime reference number 19000643906, or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111 - Chris Packham
  • WATCH: A man managed to save his neighbour's dog after its leash got caught in an elevator door. Full details: - Nine News Sydney
  • Attention, animal lovers: The spcaLA is waiving adoption fees for dogs, cats and rabbits THIS Saturday - ABC7 Eyewitness News
  • Man saves dog after leash gets caught in elevator door – video - The Guardian
  • U.K. voters are heading to the polls today. Naturally, #dogsatpollingstations was trending nationwide on Twitter. - NPR
  • Worth a read and RT! Spot on editorial by my friend Independent Senator @SenAngusKing of Maine: I know why Trump top dogs — Mulvaney, Pompeo, Perry & Bolton — won't bark - Amy Klobuchar
  • As U.K. voters head to the polls, #dogsatpollingstations trended nationwide. It's propelled, in part, by many British media firms that are forbidden from reporting details about campaigns while voters are at the polls. It's also just because… well, dogs. - NPR
  • Hero dog reunited with owner after saving her from creep on NYC streets - St. Francis's Elf (Tweetin virgin no more)
  • Why are so-called animal rights groups opposed to legislation that would save shelter pets? - Nathan Winograd
  • So called Animal Rights Groups oppose Companion Animal Protection Act though it requires shelters to release animals to rescue groups. This is needed in NYC according to rescue group sources who fear retribution by the NYCACC if they speak openly. #nokill - Voices for Shelter Animals
  • A Dog Kept Watch Over Her Trapped Best Friend For A Week Until Help Arrived - A voice for animals & our 🌎
  • 'Heartbroken' girl wants stolen therapy dog back for Christmas - BBC News (UK)
  • BREAKING: Republican impeachment witness Turley says wife, dog threatened: 'Who would shoot a Goldendoodle?’ - Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
  • There's an unprecedented environmental catastrophe and the Greens still can't get votes | First Dog on the Moon - Guardian Australia
  • Worst relatives ever!!!! Have you seen his dogs? Ohio man says his dogs were given away while he got cancer treatments - Phaedra
  • Every year in Bali thousands of dogs are snatched in the middle of the night and sold for meat in what is known as the “dogma” trade. No better than Vietnam or South Korea! @Protect_Wldlife @PeterEgan6 @_AnimalAdvocate @RobRobbEdwards @ARCrusade - Xpose Trophy Hunting
  • I wrote this about impeachment and what this moment has done to the basic concept of there being a discourse at all, and also the voice people use to speak to their dogs. - David Roth


According to the ADRK breed standard,

According to the ADRK breed standard, "Rottweiler breeders aim at a dog of abundant strength, black coated with clearly defined rich tan markings, whose powerful appearance does no...