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  • 'Heartbroken' girl wants stolen therapy dog back for Christmas - BBC News (UK)
  • "I thought it was a German shepherd or a husky," a man told CNN news partner CBC. "I didn't think it was a wild animal." - CNN
  • Another accident. Russian billionaires have a lot of accidents. Russian billionaire killed by vehicle while walking his dog in England. - Richard W. Painter
  • Madhya Pradesh: Five wild dogs found dead inside Kanha, samples collected - Times of India
  • When Dogs Paw You, They Could Be Trying to Express How Much They Love You - People
  • An 18,000-year-old puppy buried in a lump of frozen mud has been found in Russia. Scientists hope it can help explain the connection between dogs and wolves. - The New York Times
  • British Paramedic Has Photographed Hundreds of Dogs in Cute and 'Quirky' Candid Shots - People
  • Ammanford memorial bench for town's beloved dog - BBC News (UK)
  • Sen. King on Mulvaney, Pompeo, et al. not testifying: "Because it would be so easy for these people to clear the president, it's hard to escape the conclusion that their silence is ... about not wanting to testify under oath as to what actually happened." - Kyle Griffin
  • Terribly disappointing. Army says faith-based group can no longer put Bible verses on dog tags. In God We Trust is our National Slogan. Our original Commander in Chief — George Washington — invoked God — as have his successors. - Greg Abbott
  • Please share guys that is just so so sad and wouldn't it be wonderful if we could reunite them two!!!Breaks my heart!!!and thank you if you do RT!! BBC News - 'Heartbroken' girl wants stolen therapy dog back for Christmas - sexyvampire2017
  • Indian Army hands over bomb-sniffing dogs to Bangladesh | By @pooja_news - DNA
  • Patient Pet Owner Gets Her 17 Cats and Dogs to Pose for Photo Together: 'I Was So Thrilled' - People
  • South Korean Papa John's debuts 'American' pizza with hot dogs on every slice - New York Post
  • Sausage dog lost in bushfire has emotional reunion with owner - BBC News (World)
  • In the face of impeachment proceedings, the silence of the President and his allies is deafening. If the Administration has truly done nothing wrong, they can and should clear up any confusion by allowing witnesses to testify under oath before Congress. - Senator Angus King
  • Pat Cipollone is the dog that caught the car - Morgan Fairchild
  • I wrote this about impeachment and what this moment has done to the basic concept of there being a discourse at all, and also the voice people use to speak to their dogs. - David Roth
  • Abandoned baby giraffe befriended by dog in South Africa dies - Los Angeles Times


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