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  • Dad loves dogsitting so much he calls himself 'gramps' - Mashable
  • Michigan boy fatally mauled by pit bull his parents were dogsitting - New York Post
  • Ignore the dogsitting. Friday’s hearing gave us a glimpse of how many kids might be orphaned by family separation. - Slate
  • In case there’s any doubt that grad students are workers: foreign grad students threatened with losing visas for not complying with prof’s work demands, incl. dogsitting, lawn care, and bailing water out of basement - Michael Paarlberg
  • Missed #towie? You missed @Megan_Mckenna_'s dogsitting skills! Catch up with @itvhub:  - Only Way is Essex
  • #bbb is currently investigating @WagWalking over claims made in their #advertisements, including that walkers are "vetted through a rigorous screening process. - Boston BBB
  • The girl’s mother and a man dogsitting the dog, a male pit bull, were also injured when they tried to stop the biting, police said. - Newsday
  • We're in the Daily Mail today chatting to @Jasmine. - Rover.com UK
  • tfw you land the featured op-ed in the @nypost... @senatorshoshana & I take up NYC's dogsitting crackdown. - Jarrett Dieterle
  • Adventures in Geriatric Dogsitting @luckygab - Shouts & Murmurs
  • So cute. #dogs #dogsitting #writerslife #writingconmunity Adorable golden-doodle stares at man fixing his favorite toy - Kimberley Lieb
  • Get your resume ready! This might be the ultimate dream job. #dogsitting - Pets Plus Us
  • #rover acquires #dogsitting #startup #dogvacay. They care for #pets & owners can keep track of pets thru an #app. - Christine Barbiere
  • Airbnb is locked in a legal tussle with the Scottish dogsitting service Hairbnb over the use of its name - The Times Scotland
  • It's official... #dogsneedholidaystoo but what if you can't take your dog on #holiday with you? @BarkingMadHQ have been providing happy home from home #dogholidays since 2000! @DailyMailUK #holidaysfordogs #dogsitting - Barking Mad Dog Care
  • My brother had his hand savaged while dogsitting a husky.. cc @crankyoldbag Babysitter savaged by Siberian husky in brutal 45-minute attack - David Fergus
  • makes almost as much sense as Fabian's dogsitting. - KayRizZle
  • This is the same attorney who could not work on reunification over a weekend because she had dogsitting responsibilities. - 1DayBetter
  • We know she declined to work over a weekend to facilitate reunifying children with their families because she was dogsitting. We know that about her. - Tira Gina