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  • Archie - wonder if Prince George had a hand in this “I'm called Archie!' Playful Prince George reveals his nickname to stunned dogwalker” - Ben O'Hara-Byrne
  • Gone With the Wind? Toronto Dogwalker Slips and Falls in Strong Gale - Michael Blashill
  • Pet greyhound Speedy collapses and dies after dogwalker takes him out in midday heat and his body temperature soars to 43C - Daily Mail U.K.
  • 'It was terrifying': Woman accuses dogwalker of negligence after her pet was hit by 3 cars - CBC Toronto
  • BBC News - Bleach sprayed in face of dogwalker in Tamworth robbery - HelpFindThem
  • This 50-year old dogwalker retired after making over $1 million — working just three days a week - MarketWatch
  • Meghan Markle’s dogwalker in Toronto: She was always extremely friendly when I arrived to collect Bogart and would welcome me into the house. The majority of owners wouldn’t even say hello. Meghan was one of the few people to treat me like a human being - Royally_Petite 🌺
  • Dogs safely reunited with owners after van stolen from dogwalker in Whitby - CP24
  • Hero dogwalker saves teen girl from rape in Gilmerton: - Edinburgh News
  • Dogwalker discovers package containing €100K worth of ecstasy in the woods, Gardai confirm - Independent.ie
  • Residents in rural Wisconsin tell of the moment dogwalker found missing Jayme Closs - Daily Mail US
  • The top Disney-inspired dog name comes from a non-canine character - Fido's Collars
  • DC dogwalker fatally stabbed. 27-year-old Margery Magill was walking a dog for the 'Rover' app when she was killed. @ABC7News: - Morning Express with Robin Meade
  • Dogwalker who found a foot on Vancouver Island didn't realize it was human and took the bones home, coroner says - CBC British Columbia
  • Interview: The Billionaire’s Unexpected Baby author @kiraarcherbooks shares an adorable pic of her Lab writing partner, Luke, aka The Lukester, Lukie Dookie, Lucas Pukas, Luke Dogwalker - Happy Ever After
  • Own up, which one of you was it Pregnant dogwalker, 31, finds 'romping' couple in the broad daylight - Victoria
  • Identical twins found hanging from same tree by dogwalker in suicide pact: ‘They’d had enough’ - Daily Star
  • Missing #coquitlam BC #dogwalker found ALIVE AND SAFE! Dogs are ok too! - Canadian Kennel Club
  • #bbb is currently investigating @WagWalking over claims made in their #advertisements, including that walkers are "vetted through a rigorous screening process. - Boston BBB