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  • A Toronto dog owner says she was terrified when she was walking downtown and saw her Great Dane bolt onto the road and get hit by three cars. Her pet was supposed to be with a dogwalking service, she says. - CBC News
  • The #dogwalking #startup #wag is exploring a #sale - Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
  • Strengthen muscles as well as heart to stay fit and healthy, say top doctors. Love #dogwalking and it has so many health benefits too. - #hellomynameis Fran
  • Mississauga woman says she was attacked by pack of coyotes. #dogwalking - Wireless Expert
  • This charity trains dogs to be companions for people with brain injuries ! #dogwalking #companion #braininjuries - STS
  • Conspiracy Thrillers Club podcast on The Manchurian Candidate is available for your weekend drive and/or dogwalking. - Sam Adams
  • That’s right.. slow pokes! Get out of the way of my ol’ brain #hillwalking #dogwalking - Saskia
  • #dogwalking See the planets in the am, no slackers! - Wonder Dog Ranch
  • Boiling pavement burns skin off dog's paws and another is cruelly left to swelter in heatwave on Bondi Beach #dogwalking - Nirmal Jaswani
  • As part of Hangzhou's "civilizing" campaign for dogowners: a dogwalking curfew and a prohibition on large dogs in public areas - Tiffany May
  • Having a dog could lead to better hearth healthy research has discovered. #dogwalking #doglovers - Pets Located
  • Interesting look at the #dogwalking economy via The Atlantic - Keri Bertolino
  • curious about the creepy, unexpected ways that data on your dog's dogwalking habits could someday be used by large corporations - Sapna Maheshwari
  • Hunt for 'vital clue' after elderly dog walker stabbed to death in Norfolk. - Barjo Cages & Guards
  • Dog Owners Get More Exercise - - America's Top Dogs
  • I never thought I’d end up on an @GranadaReports broadcast on health and fitness, but here you go. Thanks @TeresaITV and @itvnews - Rog
  • New app launching in #yyc wants to become the Uber of dogwalking - The Star Calgary
  • Good to know the Coast Guard suggests bankruptcy as "a last option" (after garage sales and paid dogwalking) for its workers and families going without pay during the shutdown. - Susan K. Levine
  • The top Disney-inspired dog name comes from a non-canine character - Fido's Collars



Yup - this year's fashion trend: camo and animal print and I'm not mad about it!! I love it and I ac

Yup - this year's fashion trend: camo and animal print and I'm not mad about it!! I love it and I actually mix them together 🤗 . . Trying to get outside with Roxy at least 5 da...