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  • Messi mystery... His 'biggest fan' is probably not in Dohuk after all. - BBC Sport
  • Cholera epidemic in Iraq: confirmed cases >1800 w/ spread to Dohuk & Arbil. Watch out, Syria - Annie Sparrow
  • As IDPs in #iraq top 2 million, snow falls in Dohuk.Donor response needed 4 winterized shelter - Bill Frelick
  • Excellent: A restaurant named Trump Fish in Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region of northern #iraq. - Nader Itayim | ‌‌نادر ایتیّم
  • Convoy of US troops seen crossing into Iraq from Syria through the Sahela border crossing in the northern province of Dohuk on Monday, as US continues withdrawal in face of Turkish invasion. - Breaking News
  • Exactly three years ago today on a lonely road from Dohuk to Snune I sat with groups of Rojava #peshmerga and discussed their experience as refugees fleeing suppression and war in Syria, and what they hoped for, now they are in a spotlight - Seth Frantzman
  • For Khalaf & his granddaughter, Habir, home is an abandoned building in Dohuk, Iraq - Alex Court
  • Walking around Dohuk, nearly every shop/office/home opened their doors & gave whatever they could to Yazidi refugees. - Sheera Frenkel
  • Wow! The officers of the Peshmerga - Kurdish military forces - graduated from the Zakho military academy in Zakho town, Dohuk, in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq today. Female Kurdish Peshmerga fighters graduate combat school amid growing tensions with Turkey - SteveP
  • Iraq reopens Mosul-Dohuk highway after three-year closure - Sajad Jiyad سجاد
  • “The bombs are still falling and a lot of people still want to come,” a refugee from northeast Syria told @RayaJalabi on the outskirts of Dohuk, where he’s staying in a refugee camp originally set up in 2013 to house Iraqis fleeing ISIS - Sarah Dadouch | سارة دعدوش
  • Video: Iraq's Yazidis haunted by horrors of past - Al Jazeera News
  • Hi from Dohuk, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq close to Northeast Syria. My @NPR colleagues @lalarian and @SangarKhaleel and I have been speaking to and meeting Syrian Kurds fleeing their homes. Our report on @UpFirst: - Daniel Estrin
  • Artifacts dating to 5000 BC discovered in Iraq's Dohuk - Archaeology in Iraq
  • "We have 1.5 million Arab IDPs living across the Kurdistan region today - in Erbil, in Sulaimania, in Dohuk" - Wladimir
  • About 1,000 refugees have so far crossed into Iraq's Kurdistan Region since the Turkish offensive began. We went to meet some of them yesterday as they were driven from the border to the Bardarash camp in Dohuk province: - Raya Jalabi | رايه الجلبي
  • As soon as we ordered tea and coffee at a cafe in downtown Dohuk, a rangy, middle-aged man started throwing us dirty looks. We soon learned why. - The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The human cost of the Turkey-Syria offensive - @AmeliaAdams9 is in Dohuk for @9NewsAUS - Marc Dodd
  • TURKEY LAUNCHES AIR STRIKES: The first was carried out on Iraq’s Dohuk region on July 18, a day later the second strike was carried out in the Batufa region targeting the planners of the killing of the diplomat. - Chuck Pfarrer