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  • The Nasca Lines are one of archaeology’s greatest mysteries—and they represent the most diverse collection of geoglyphs in the world - National Geographic
  • "I realized that anything that I felt was pretty universal, and so there was no real risk taken in baring my soul the way I did," Joni Mitchell says. - The New Yorker
  • Here are the drawings of a one-time CIA secret prisoner, Zubaydah, depicting the torture he was subjected to in CIA black sites, haunting. Amazing get by @carolrosenberg - Julie Tate
  • What did the CIA's torture program look like from the perspective of a victim? These drawings give us a window into these war crimes which the US government has refused to prosecute. - Kenneth Roth
  • Don’t Look Away Abu Zubaydah’s drawings of torture at the hands of American agents are a sickening reminder of what this country is capable of. - JR
  • This horrific, disturbing report should be shared everywhere. These are serious crimes against humanity which specifically discuss torture. The CIA was negligent & intentionally withheld information. This man was never a al Qaeda operative. I'm outraged - Susan LaDuke
  • One of the things a terrorist designation for cartels would mean is that Mexicans could be declared unlawful combatants & subjected to torture at the hands of the US, as in these heartbreaking drawings by Abu Zubaydah, a prisoner at Guantánamo Bay. - dawn marie paley
  • I covered this period of US history. The details we learned of "enhanced interrogation" were shocking then. This famous prisoner's drawings make us see more clearly just how horrific it was. @carolrosenberg - Carol Leonnig
  • GOP wants us to believe their depravity began with Trump? - Ronald C Alexander
  • "The End of the World" boasts the same stick-figure-simple drawings we’ve come to love from Don Hertzfeldt - Vulture
  • This is disgusting. Words can’t describe how upsetting this is. - Danteyb
  • Carol's story with the Abu Zubaydah drawings - Jason Leopold
  • One of Scotland’s oldest mysteries might disappear before experts solve it. - BBC Travel
  • Congrats to @carolrosenberg on being 1st to publish the torture drawings of Abu Zubaydah, the guinea pig for the CIA's torture program. They were classified top secret. I had been trying to get them for a decade. Here's what I was told in 2011 about them - Jason Leopold
  • This is a horrible stain on Bush-Cheney Administration. The torture and continued detention of this individual is a burden on the soul of America. - Jojo Lacanilao
  • Migrant children's drawings depict 'horrific' conditions in cages | US news | The Guardian - Berta 🆘🌊 🌊 🌊
  • Trump’s weird tweet today is a good opportunity to re-up this: Are Ridiculous Pro-Trump Drawings Art? A HuffPost Discussion. - Elise Foley
  • A Guantánamo detainee's drawings show the brutal CIA torture he endured at a secret US-run prison in Thailand - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Have you seen Santa yet? I saw him in Snoqualmie, where the Northwest Railway Museum is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Santa Train rides. Don't miss my jolly post full of drawings at - Gabriel Campanario


I know I’m banging on about this but it’s for an excellent cause - I’m giving all my profits f

I know I’m banging on about this but it’s for an excellent cause - I’m giving all my profits from this event to the Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers who are inundated with...



As promised. Finally. ( plus a little break from painful comics) baby yoda and I see him. ^_^ who sh

As promised. Finally. ( plus a little break from painful comics) baby yoda and I see him. ^_^ who should I draw next as fan art? I'll try to do one fan art from popular characters ...