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  • More snow and cold were on the way. And by Wednesday, the coldest temperatures will drift east to cities like Boston and Washington. - USA TODAY
  • “As the impeachment process accelerates, it’s white women without a college degree who are gradually warming to the idea that the president’s time is up. Forty percent now favor impeachment, up 11 points from mid-September.” - Bill Kristol
  • ... she’s already decided “there’s no chance” she’d vote for Trump again. “Heavens no,” she said. “Trump basically turned me into a Democrat.” - Derek Cressman
  • General John Allen: "Real patriotism is seeing the flaws in our government, having the courage to point them out, and having the guts to make a difference...not the fake flag-hugging patriotism." - Col (Ret) Jim Harrold
  • They certainly are because they clearly recognize Trump’s policies hurt them ... Trump basically turned me into a Democrat': Working-class white women drifting away from the president - National Dialogues - Devoted to American Ideals.
  • This is how astronomers will finally measure the Universe's expansion directly. - Ethan Siegel
  • Seems like the GOP failed to take this into consideration. Oops. - Laura Miers
  • so ohno ○ drift - exispiriot_M
  • U.S. stocks drift amid muddied trade messages - Bloomberg Markets
  • ‘The kind of voter Trump can’t lose:’ Working-class white women drift toward Democrats - McClatchyDC
  • Underworld: Drift Series One: Sampler Edition review – a year’s worth of inspiration - ZEON
  • Self-driving vehicles reached peak hype a year ago, but that doesn't mean the story is over for Google's Waymo $GOOGL - TheStreet
  • Economist Kaushik Basu has described the current economic slowdown in India as collateral damage from “the erosion of trust caused by the country’s drift toward illiberalism”. - The Telegraph
  • I mean, I also do not believe the #himalayas are rising due to geological changes in the continental drift. In fact, after the earthquake in 2015, the Langtang range has sunk by 0.914 metres and Mount Everest by about an inch. - Dale Benzies
  • John R. Allen joins the final episode of And Now the Hard Part by FP & Brookings to trace the rise of authoritarianism around the world and outline how the U.S. can help change this trajectory. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts. - Brookings FP
  • Great teams, UBI, #data retention policies, and Amazon HQ2 – TechCrunch David Cancel, the #ceo and founder of Drift, wrote a deep dive on how to think about finding and recruiting the kinds o .. - ICEH2OCanada
  • Boston Fed Rosengren is worried about the current drift of financial oversight: "I am not sure that recent developments and proposals in bank regulation properly reflect the risks we are likely to face in a low interest rate environment." - Michael S. Derby
  • New paper - Absence of cardiovascular drift during prolonged arm-crank exercise in individuals with #spinalcordinjury. Read more - SpinalCord
  • Israel's drift to the right, years of failed peace efforts, more than 10 years of @netanyahu in power and the Trump administration's total shift in favor of settlements together have helped the settlement project mainstream - Felicia Schwartz


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I remember when I was a kid and always wanted a 350z so had to work 2 jobs just to have enough to bu

I remember when I was a kid and always wanted a 350z so had to work 2 jobs just to have enough to buy one. When the R35 GTRs first came out, I fell in love and promised myself I'll...