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  • Creating realistic snow banks, icicles, frosting and drifting flakes has long posed a challenge to film-makers - The Economist
  • More than 800 people trapped on ‘ghost ship’ without power, water or toilets - Independent Lifestyle
  • Biden: Netanyahu is drifting to the 'extreme right' to stay in power - Haaretz.com
  • A Woman at the Center, Drifting to the Fringe - Claudia Yon
  • One giant leap for Joe Biden, one trivial toe-twitch for social justice. - Daniel A. Segal
  • ‘No power, no water, no toilets, no cooking’: ship drifts off Australian coast after power ‘blackout’ - Daniel Lopez
  • But research says these places are drifting away from Labour and its candidates in Cumbria know they have an almighty fight on their hands next week If they don't succeed, not one of the county's six seats will be Labour-held for the first time ever - Adam Payne
  • Play ESPN Capital One Bowl Mania Group: We Are Drifting Apart: - Caleb Garde
  • Biden said withholding military aid to Israel is a “bizarre” idea and compared it to “telling France we disagree with you so we’re kicking you out of NATO” - Haaretz.com
  • Our thoughts are with all involved - Clyde Fish
  • ‘Trump basically turned me into a Democrat’: Working-class white women drifting away from Trump and the GOP #resisttrump - Vito
  • Excellent biography on a fascinating American woman. Clair Booth Luce. Review - Tom Owens
  • We are drifting away from the democracy we proudly used to boast of. #cab #nrithoughts - minhaz
  • Google wants to do business with the U.S. military. Google’s more idealistic employees are alarmed by this and see the company drifting from its old “don’t be evil” ethos. - Businessweek
  • Boxing champ Ricky Hatton splits from girlfriend of two years Charlie Nordell after 'drifting apart' - Sun Sport
  • Something’s up in the Arctic: the north magnetic pole is on the move. But rather than drifting around aimlessly as it has for centuries, the pole has picked up speed and is heading fast for... Siberia. - Rob Simone
  • Scotland and Northern Ireland didn’t vote for Brexit, didn’t embrace this week’s Conservative electoral landslide – and now may be drifting permanently away from London. - The Detroit News
  • Why does Biden even want to be president? What specific policies does he even care to achieve? He seems to be drifting along on pure pride and the momentum of the mediocre male. - Nick Kapur
  • Stop Drifting And Get The Life You Want: How Life Planning Can Lead To Real Change - Tommy Comer


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