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  • Ghana’s #atewa Forest Reserve provides drinking water to 5 million+ people & harbors 100+ wildlife species at risk of extinction. We must prioritize the protection of these irreplaceable places for a healthy planet. - Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Not a single one of these African cities can provide clean drinking water to all its residents but Huawei is pitching them surveillance technology and AI. - Nanjala Nyabola
  • Three Indiana judges went out drinking and decided to go to a strip joint. It was closed, so they went to White Castle. A drunken brawl erupted outside and 2 of the jurists were shot & wounded. Now, the 3 judges have been temporarily suspended without pay. - CNN
  • Migrants live in tents. Drinking water is scarce. The stench of human waste fills the air. A humanitarian crisis is worsening in a camp near the border where asylum seekers wait under the "Remain in Mexico" policy. - The Associated Press
  • Delhi has the most unsafe tap water, says study by Bureau of Indian Standards. - The Hindu
  • A quarter of Brits are drinking #plantbased milks, and the number is increasing every day. What's your favourite? #vegan - Harry Frasier Ⓥ
  • Mumbai residents need not buy RO water purifiers as a study has found samples of its tap water compliant with the standards for drinking water. Meanwhile, other metro cities of Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai failed in almost 10 out of 11 quality parameters. - The Wire
  • Supreme Court case about a sewage treatment plant in Maui could put the drinking water of millions of Americans at risk #water #pollution #thirstforjustice - leanahosea
  • the deprivation of drinking water for 400,000 people, mostly Kurds, who rely on the Alouk water station near Ras al-Ayn, damaged in the fighting at the time of Turkish invasion and is under the control of Turkish proxy forces that prevent it being repaired - Fazel Hawramy
  • The Canadian mum claims smoking weed is just the same as drinking a glass of wine. - LADbible
  • Three Indiana judges have been suspended without pay for their involvement in an intoxicated fight outside a White Castle, according to court documents. - CNN
  • Jason Kenney says we’re broke and that’s why we have to fire nurses and teachers and cut support for the disabled and elderly. Meanwhile his top advisor is staying at 5 star hotels, taking multiple 1st class flights and drinking champagne in London #ableg - Progress Alberta
  • “A gaggle of judges drinking the night before a judicial conference, a failed attempt to visit a strip club called the Red Garter, a brawl in the parking lot of an Indianapolis White Castle.” Oh my! - Katie Phang
  • Your First Cup of Coffee Does These 5 Surprising Things for Your Brain Each and Every Day #coffee #brain #brainhealth #brainpower #anticipation #preparation #aroma #drinking #aftereffect #betterbeginshere #successfulpeople - David R Williams
  • If you’re drinking 'Miracle' or 'Master' Mineral Solution or other sodium chlorite products, stop now. - WFAA
  • Mumbai water safe for drinking, Delhi fails on all quality parameters: Report - Hindustan Times
  • People are sick of drinking. Investors are betting on the 'sober curious' - CNN - Al Anon Dad
  • Sen. John Kennedy rips 'latte-drinking, avocado toast-eating' elites at Trump rally - The Washington Times
  • “Instead of tearing down the guardrails — like the Clean Water Act — that can keep our water safe for millions, we should be building up more support to ensure clean water everywhere.” [email protected] via @chicagotribune - American Rivers


Beetroot Margarita Haven’t drank in ages because I haven’t been very well so it’s been a relie

Beetroot Margarita Haven’t drank in ages because I haven’t been very well so it’s been a relief to get back to making! This beetroot margarita uses homemade beetroot shrub, l...



Anytime when You wanna drink some „whisky” during walking through the city or shopping - remembe

Anytime when You wanna drink some „whisky” during walking through the city or shopping - remember that, nobody knows What You have in Your mcdonald cup 🙈. Nobody 😅 #dj #d...

休日昼飲み🍺REVISION ”SCROG GROG“ 朝イチでタイヤ交換したら腰痛発症しち

休日昼飲み🍺REVISION ”SCROG GROG“ 朝イチでタイヤ交換したら腰痛発症しちゃって、出かける元気なくなったんで酒飲んでダラダラしま...