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  • UPS workers around the country paused for a moment of silence to honor fellow driver Frank Ordonez, who was taken hostage and killed last week in a police shootout. - ABC News
  • 19 officers from five different agencies fired at this UPS truck in a crowded intersection four people, including the hostage and an innocent bystander, died Maybe our cops are out of control? - Mark Gongloff
  • Twenty more people are suing Lyft over alleged sexual assault, sexual misconduct or rape by drivers while using its service - CNN
  • Tesla on Autopilot slams into police cruiser, driver claims he was checking on his dog. - ABC News
  • This happened in Coral Gables, where I live. I shop on this street. I suspect this is my UPS route. Now his 2 little girls won’t have their dad this Christmas, or any other day. None of us is immune from gun violence. Hug your children tight. - Ana Navarro-Cárdenas
  • Fit for stardom: How Adam Driver went from US Marine to Hollywood heartthrob - The Observer
  • BREAKING: Sources say wild police shootout killed two robbers, the UPS driver who was taken hostage AND a civilian motorist who inside a nearby car - David Ovalle
  • Russian billionaire Dmitry Obretetsky killed in Britain while walking his dog. A car plowed into him &police are investigating whether multiple cars were involved. His friend suspects this was intentional. Another Russian sanctioned murder on foreign soil? - Olga Lautman
  • Meet Charles, a Halifax airport taxi driver who welcomes visitors with style - Sherri Borden Colley
  • HEARTBREAKING: The UPS driver who was killed in a shootout between police and jewelry thieves in Florida yesterday has been identified as 27-year-old Frank Ordonez. A 5-year employee of UPS, Frank was on his first day as a driver when he was killed. - Moms Demand Action
  • Rest in power, Frank Ordoñez. You deserved so much better - Working People
  • yes, Adam Driver singing "Being Alive" is moving. but once you know the context and history of that song, you just can't unsee allllll the layers of those few musical minutes. it might change how you feel about #marriagestory altogether. my analysis: - Ashley Lee
  • We are pleased to see that Michigan will now allow #transgender people to easily change their gender on their driver's license! Michiganders now only need to fill out a form, have their photo taken, & pay a $9 fee. No court order needed! - National Center for Transgender Equality
  • Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson fall apart in the tender, devastating #marriagestory, now on Netflix. Read our review - Entertainment Weekly
  • Dallas Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots, Kills 15-Year-Old Armed Suspect Who Tried To Rob Him - CrossBreed Holsters
  • “Scarlett Johansson’s reddened eyes brimmed with tears. I sipped my wine. Adam Driver was almost too large to stand in the doorway of a large house. I remembered an invoice that needed filing. Still, nothing,” @togglecoat reviews #marriagestory - The Cut
  • "This is sweet!" Watch this Amazon delivery driver do a happy dance after a homeowner left out some snacks and a nice note - CNN International
  • “This week alone, Johnson has dressed up as a fisherman, a digger driver, a milkman, a builder and a baker. How old is his election strategist?” - Simon Ubsdell
  • "Speeding. Blowing through a stop sign. Passing a streetcar while its doors are open. A Toronto driver is far less likely to get a ticket for any of these risky moves now than they were a decade ago." - Matt Galloway