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  • It will be aired on CBS next week. Hoping they don't edit that out. - Tina
  • Anna Wintour is my icon but her plan to fix fast fashion with hand-me-downs needs an edit. Cheap mass produced clothes come with deeply serious issues, but this stuff isn’t throwaway; it’s the democratisation of access to trousers, shoes and socks. - Robert Rinder
  • The @IndianExpress edit calls out the Citizenship Amendment Bill for what it is: it violates basic structure of Constitution, the very foundation of the Republic. Supreme Court must take note of change in the basic structure. - Sushant Singh
  • Dakota Johnson The Edit Magazine Photoshoot - Dakota Johnson fans
  • Mom edits Christmas card photo to include military husband serving overseas. - ABC News
  • Wake up with makeup: How a teen vlogger schooled us on Uighur oppression Today's edit piece in TOI - Times of India
  • We must not celebrate state violence in hailing #hyderabadencounter. Colossal failure by #hyderabadpolice that accused attempted to "escape", very unfortunate that accused were shot dead before their guilt could have been proved by trial. TOI edit. - Sagarika Ghose
  • Fantastic work by Katherine Maher to create a more representative and gender balanced community on #wikipedia, where women are currently only estimated to make up 15-20% of editors. #herstory #representationmatters - WomensEqualityUK
  • A mom of two found a creative way to incorporate her military husband into this year's Christmas card, as it's the first holiday he will spend without his family. - ABC News
  • BBC News - Greta Thunberg to guest edit Radio 4's Today programme - AvivaTink (sofa-miaaw)
  • The e.itd.. women's gifts under 5£0 - Grauniad Newspepar
  • The Latrell story and quotes on racism that Todd Greenberg had to 'edit' and 'delete' on NRL's own website - BUZZ ROTHFIELD
  • TOI Quick Edit | Karvy Stock Broking problems show that the capital market too needs reforms - Times of India
  • Gene-Edited 'Supercells' Make Progress In Fight Against #sicklecell Disease - Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea AM
  • The Guardian: Tactical voting guide 2019: the 650 seats where it is vital to keep the Tories out. Can anyone spot my little edit? - PhilM
  • Anna Wintour is my icon — but plan to fix fast fashion needs an edit - Queen Liz Rinderette (Rinders Angel) The real one
  • Making the edit: why we need more women in Wikipedia - Mario Pireddu
  • NEET PG 2020 Edit Window Opens Tomorrow - NDTV - Dr.NEET FILES📘
  • ThePrint's 50-Word Edit: 4.5% GDP rate alarming, Modi govt must ensure we don’t slip further to Hindu rate of growth - ThePrint