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  • Xcel Energy asked state regulators earlier this month for a 15% rate increase over three years, which would leave residential customers paying an estimated $110 more per year by 2022. - Star Tribune
  • 'Instead of connecting small electrical #devices to #cables, they could generate their own #electricity from temperature differences.' New material breaks world record for turning heat into electricity - Michael Tripper
  • Over 300 protestors have been killed in Iraq so far. People are decrying governmental corruption, and fighting for jobs, and basic services like water and electricity. - Benjamin Young Savage (ᐱᓐᒋᐱᓐ)
  • Africa is home to almost a fifth of the world’s population, but accounts for less than 4% of global electricity use - The Economist
  • It breaks my heart that nobody cares about this “This was a very simple, poor family, who lives from hand to mouth in a tin shack, with no water or electricity.They lived off herding sheep and were known as simple, poor people.” PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER - StanceGrounded
  • An Israeli airstrike in Gaza earlier this week killed a family of eight, including five children. Neighbors described them as poor herders living in "a tin shack with no water or electricity." - Gregg Carlstrom
  • Renewable electricity is set to surpass coal, and offshore wind goes big. But energy efficiency efforts are slowing, and S.U.V.s are erasing progress from electric cars. @bradplumer on 5 Global Trends Shaping Our Climate Future - Hiroko Tabuchi
  • Excuse me while I don’t get excited about the prospect of propertied boomers selling electricity to the rest of us. - Jon Piccini
  • UP minister sets example, installs prepaid electricity meter at home - Zee News
  • We appreciate seeing this in @TheEconomist Daily Chart. We need to talk about this more.: More than half of sub-Saharan Africans lack access to electricity. - SolarAid
  • #offshorewind can provide more electricity than the world needs "It will emerge as a $1tn industry in the next 20 years and will prove to be the next great energy revolution" #climatechange #climateemergency #energytransition - Prof Peter Strachan
  • Railway workers caught mining Bitcoin with state electricity in Ukraine - TNW
  • Irish government looking at target of 70% renewables by 2030 - Paul Colgan
  • Arizona's biggest battery (250 MW, 1000 MWh) to be installed to store electricity for massive solar plant - Mark Z. Jacobson
  • Tired of getting zapped? Here's why static electricity is everywhere, and how to avoid it - azcentral
  • Half of India's power plants to shut down due to low demand for power. 133 thermal power units have already shut down causing job losses Means economy is in distress as robust industrial and consumer electricity demand indicates robust economic activity - Chirpy Says
  • Progress on electricity access in Africa has been painfully slow. Since 2013, the number of Africans without electricity has fallen from 610m to 595m. Under current plans, the @IEA estimates that 530m Africans will still lack access to electricity in 2030 - D. Macharia
  • It takes just two minutes to fly between two of Scotland’s Orkney islands. The world’s shortest flight could soon be powered by electricity - The Economist
  • A new type of material generates electrical current very efficiently from temperature differences and breaks world record or turning heat into electricity. This allows sensors and small processors to supply themselves with energy wirelessly - Massimo


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