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  • Watch Taylor Swift get birthday wishes from BTS, Katy Perry & yes, even more - billboard
  • See Joshua Bassett cover Vanessa Hudgens' epic ballad on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series - Entertainment Weekly
  • Shenzhen is a city "built on bones," say workers from Hunan. Four decades after reform China is reckoning with the full cost of its epic transformation, and that messy process so often becomes the familiar cycle of petitioning vs payoffs/repression. - Gerry Shih
  • WATCH: #bts Perfects Their Moves In Dance Practice Video For Epic #mma2019 Performance - Soompi
  • When a new dam on the Nile threatened ancient treasures, the world took on the most complex archaeological rescue mission of all time - National Geographic
  • This is a failure on an epic scale, and a betrayal of those communities that need Labour most. Some thoughts from me: - Anna Turley
  • “The Irishman” was seen by 13.2 million U.S. viewers over its first five days on Netflix. But only 18% of them made it all the way to the end of the 3 1/2-hour epic - Bloomberg
  • Think fracked #gas is "clean?" A "bridge fuel"? Nah, it's turning into an epic climate disaster. Just look at these images of methane leaks: - Clark Williams-Derry
  • The Spitfire is an iconic British aircraft – good to see it being honored in this way. And great news - - it flew over America on its journey around the globe! - Ambassador Johnson
  • We look back at the most iconic lightsaber duels in Star Wars history with the cast and crew who made them - hear what Ewan McGregor had to say about the epic Duel of the Fates. - IGN
  • Must-See Throwback Photos of Taylor Swift That Show How Far She's Come in 30 Years - People
  • But what an epic troll it could be for the next 6 months if Beetlejuice changed the iconic line “F*ck Brigadoon” to the name of a dusty old musical that was more....relevant to this conversation..... - Vadim Feichtner
  • This shoot was EPIC. - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
  • So then @DanyGarciaCo and myself decided to invest in the ice cream business. Because, well.. to make our cheat meals more EPIC Thank to our amazing and quite creative partners, @saltandstraw. This is gonna be a fun one! #thepeoplesicecream - Dwayne Johnson
  • Charlie Puth has ALL of our attention after his epic performance during a game of Music Genre Challenge on @FallonTonight. - E! News
  • The proliferation of these false headlines is odd. Epic submitted Fortnite for final release on Google Play this morning at 4am, and it's in the queue, with the status "We're currently reviewing your app." - Tim Sweeney
  • I was planning to focus solely on football, but the raw emotion in and out of the 49ers locker room changed that. - Jim Trotter
  • One day before the Inspector General report's release and a key impeachment presentation for Democrats, President Donald Trump went on Twitter. By nighttime, he had fired off 99 tweets and retweets. - POLITICO
  • This is the biggest issue of the election! Scores are: Labour 33 Greens 31 Lib Dems 30 Conservatives 5.5 (!) This alone should mean Labour get your vote! The fact that much of our media works 24/7 to ensure a Tory win is a crime of EPIC proportions. - Francesca Martinez




. . Rashford's statement when compared to Cristiano : The Ronaldo comparison is nice to hear but I u

. . Rashford's statement when compared to Cristiano : The Ronaldo comparison is nice to hear but I understand how far I have have to go to reach the heights he reached. So I'm very...