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  • Epik High Talks About Why Sleeplessness Deserves Just As Many Songs As Love Gets - BuzzFeed
  • Epik High talks music and touring with @TIME Magazine - 에픽하이 타블로 | Tablo of Epik High
  • “With all the music that’s popular right now, so many different languages, so many different sounds, so many different cultures, that’s one beautiful thing that has happened because of the Internet,” Epik High’s @blobyblo tells TIME - TIME
  • "We don't feel the pressure to constantly put stuff out to prove ourselves or stay relevant." TIME talks to Seoul hip-hop sensation Epik High about breaking stereotypes and their place in the Korean music scene - TIME
  • Suga produced a new song, 'Eternal Sunshine,' for Epik High and it's EVERYTHING! #epikhighxsuga - HollywoodLife
  • Epik’s CEO, Rob Monster, is an open extremist. - Talia Lavin
  • Want to know who has been the domain registrar for 8chan? That's right, the same guy who proudly saved GAB after they were dropped after the Tree of Life massacre in Pittsburgh. This Nazi supporter is Robert Monster, owner of Epik, domain registrar. - Chris Sampson
  • Gab is back online. The extremist-friendly social media site’s reappearance is thanks to two companies: digital security company Cloudflare and domain registrar Epik - WIRED
  • Since 8chan even got its host, Epik, in trouble, other Epik-hosted hate sites aren't loading. The Daily Stormer is down, too. - Ben Collins
  • Epik, known for hosting racist sites, dumps 8chan - FutureShift
  • Update: I just talked to the CEO of Epik again. After I explained to him about the above posts on Gab, he responded that he's got a call in to Gab to discuss their content curation practices. - Mike Baker
  • South Korean hip-hop trio Epik High say they will never break up - The Straits Times
  • London-based network hardware provider @voxility just terminated its contract with 8chan's domain host, Epik, a Washington state-based company that specializes in hosting hate speech sites. - Shannon Coulter
  • Gab, the social-media site that became an internet outcast after one of its racist users was arrested in the mass shooting at a synagogue, is back online with the help of Seattle-area company. - The Seattle Times
  • new from me: Epik, the domain registrar that provides sanctuary for far right and white supremacists websites like Gab and The Daily Stormer, has decided to not provide hosting services for 8chan: - Matt Binder
  • Successful Epik High tour Visit 4 continents, 30 cities & 38 performances in a span of 6 month Next stop : South Korea University festivals - Dailykhhrnb
  • "We don't feel the pressure of having to keep up with trends." I sat down with @blobyblo @tukutz81 and @realmithrajin of South Korean hip-hop group Epik High and talked about their bond, career and Korean music. Read and watch here - Aria Chen
  • "What this all boils down to is that Epik itself only seems ‘up’ because Epik—unlike 8chan and The Daily Stormer—isn't hosted on Epik at all.” - Cyrus Farivar
  • Epik High interview with WWD Japan (in Japanese) - Epik Updates #StillFlyStillHigh 🐡 #에픽하이


Have you considered teaching abroad in South Korea? Well you should! . . With so much opportunity an

Have you considered teaching abroad in South Korea? Well you should! . . With so much opportunity and adventure waiting to be discovered, what's holding you back? Check out our gui...

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مرسی که حمایت میکنید اگه خوشتون اومد لطفا استوری یا تگ کنید خیلی ممنونتون میشم 🤗🤗🤗 نظر لایک 😍 Mu...