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  • Among a generation of Guatemalan adoptees who grew up in the US and Europe are a number who have learned a painful truth: They were taken away from their birth families in fraudulent circumstances. - NBC News
  • Europe has seen its leaders get younger. These nations all have leaders under the age of 45: Finland Austria Denmark France Ireland Estonia Slovenia Belgium - Bloomberg Opinion
  • Putin's Killers in Europe: How Russian Agents Hunt Down Kremlin Opponents. A secret Russian death squad appears to be killing Moscow's enemies in the West in an effort to destabilize Europe. - Julia Davis
  • #ceeprosperity deep dive: “Politicians need to realise that, from young people’s perspective, countries need to compete for talent just like companies do.” Andreas Treichl, CEO Erste Group, on #talent - Erste Group
  • Egyptian mummies were once used in acts that would fill modern scholars with horror and outrage—from being ground up into medicine to being put on display at "unwrapping parties" - National Geographic
  • Breaking News: Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, has been in Budapest and Kyiv this week to talk with former Ukrainian prosecutors for a documentary series intended to debunk the impeachment case - The New York Times
  • Congratulation Tories - the number of Europe's poorest regions in UK more than doubled from 3 in 2008 to 7 in 2017. The 7 regions were poorer than any other regions in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the rest of north-west Europe. Big respect Tories! - Maximilian Jansen
  • We mourn the passing of Maurice Mounsdon. We should never forget that it was thanks to the bravery of this tiny band of pilots that Britain - and the rest of Europe - was safe from tyranny. - Boris Johnson
  • Listen up Canada! "As this generation becomes more powerful at the ballot box, there's no way traditional umbrella parties will be able to preserve themselves unless they choose leaders who know how to listen & talk to these voters." #electoralreform - Fair Vote Canada
  • "Hannah Arendt: the worst kind of one-party state 'invariably replaces all first-rate talents, regardless of their sympathies, w/those crackpots and fools whose lack of intelligence and creativity is still the best guarantee of their loyalty." - W. FranklFreud Reed
  • Breaking via NYT: Giuliani has been in Europe, meeting in Budapest with ex-Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko. He then traveled to Kyiv to meet with other ex-Ukrainian prosecutors who've been embraced by the GOP. All have faced allegations of corruption. - Kyle Griffin
  • Number of Europe's poorest regions in UK 'more than doubles' - The Guardian
  • The case for tactical voting on Thursday. Please get hold of the Observer guide to whom to vote for in 50 seats - and spread the word. We need a hung parliament to stop Britain becoming a leper in Europe while economically and socially crippled at home. - Will Hutton
  • OMG... Rudy Giuliani is in Kyiv TODAY continuing his pursuit of dirt on the Bidens. could there be any greater proof that Trump & his inner circle believe they're above the law? - Jesse Lehrich
  • NEW: The Tories have a problem with their candidate in Hastings She has been condemned for her comments about people with learning disabilities  Now it emerges she posted on Facebook about multiculturalism damaging Europe in the wake of terror attacks - Alex Wickham
  • The wealth of the top 1% of Americans has grown dramatically in the past four decades. In Europe and Asia, the wealth of the 1% has grown at a more constrained pace. This suggests that policy choices can help to limit inequality — or make it worse. - NPR
  • In the European Union’s $65-billion-a-year farm policy, conflict-of-interest rules are uneven. Influence-peddling is murky. The enormous subsidy program is built to keep the money moving. - The New York Times
  • “I decided to go to Europe because I have a dream that I want to achieve.” Al Jazeera is on board the Ocean Viking, a migrant rescue ship in the Mediterranean saving the lives of those fleeing conflict and economic hardship. Read more here: - Al Jazeera English
  • Wait. Trump’s lawyer (Giuliani) was working with 2 men in Ukraine who have since been arrested. Trump’s defense in Congress was in contact with Giuliani & one of the arrested men. And now Giuliani is back in Ukraine, potentially committing more crimes? - Nathan H. Rubin


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