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  • The Geminid meteor shower, considered one of the most active and dependable displays of the year, will peak on the evening of December 13 & 14. If you're away from light pollution, meteors could be visible every couple of minutes from 10 p.m. until dawn. - CNN
  • “This is just the beginning. It’s a long journey.” - billboard
  • Great evening w @realDonaldTrump at the #armynavygame - Stephanie Grisham
  • "The Prime Minister arrived at a private London residence for a Christmas party held by Russian tycoon and owner of the Evening Standard Evgeny Lebedev". Helps to have friends in high places. - Hardeep Matharu
  • Sinclair Broadcast Group will no longer require its TV stations across the US to carry political commentary segments. This means that Boris Epshteyn, a former Trump aide, will no longer be showing up with pro-Trump talking points during evening newscasts. - CNN
  • House Democrats will begin work on completing their articles of impeachment this evening, setting the stage for a vote by the full House. The process, called a mark-up, would involve proposed changes by committee members to the text of the bill. - NPR
  • Tonight, the House Judiciary Committee will begin markup on the articles of impeachment against President Trump. The process involves proposed changes by committee members to the text before a vote on whether to refer the articles to the full House. - NPR Politics
  • Multiple eyewitness accounts from #guwahati on Thursday's police firing that left two dead and 26 injured. “They kneeled down, took position and fired. Even as people retreated, they kept at it." “They did not give any verbal warning, either." - Supriya Sharma
  • Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day - The New York Times
  • John Major breaks Tory ranks as he urges young voters to stop Boris Johnson's Brexit plan | London Evening Standard - Claude Taylor
  • ‘Police fired without warning’: As two Guwahati teenagers are shot dead, residents tell @psychia90 about the evening of horror - naresh fernandes
  • This is who I will be watching on Thursday evening! I will NOT be watching the BBC. HELL NOOOO. Opinions differ but I think John Bercow is brilliant. I have bought wine and snacks and I am aiming to stay awake(as long as possible) - Kerry (Forever European).
  • For those times when heading home ahead of an evening out isn't possible, @NinaDobrev has perfected her day-to-night skincare and makeup routine. - Vogue Magazine
  • The main accused, one Arman Ansari, has been arrested late evening, police have confirmed - OpIndia.com
  • Anyway, this happened today and I'm sure it will get lost in the news cycle. Flagging it for you to ruin your evening. You're all welcome! - Jennifer Bendery
  • SoCal weather: Clear skies, cool evening temps in store for Sunday - ABC7 Eyewitness News
  • Colin Firth's son Will in film debut: ‘He’s a classy Englishman... I’m a tall, gangly Canadian’ - Evening Standard #colinfirth - Colin Firth News
  • Saturday evening looking for #makeovermonday data sources. This won't be one, but it's incredibly powerful context as to the scale of the Aussie east coast fires. - Charlie Hutcheson
  • '#mardaani2' Box Office Report Day 1: #ranimukerji's film picks up by evening - DNA


Sun sets but new thoughts emerged... Relaxing myself at my backyard, watching the sunset after study

Sun sets but new thoughts emerged... Relaxing myself at my backyard, watching the sunset after studying for one whole day. Don't know what made me feel so relaxed on that moment. ...

⚓️🐟🌟 輝きの港 江ノ島風景.片瀬漁港 2019年12月12日, 16:16:29 Shine Harbor En

⚓️🐟🌟 輝きの港 江ノ島風景.片瀬漁港 2019年12月12日, 16:16:29 Shine Harbor Enoshima scenery, Sunset view of Katase fishing port 📷 December 12,2019 16:1...


. گاهی فکر میکنم که پاییز دیگر وقت ها به کجا می‌رود؟ شبه

. گاهی فکر میکنم که پاییز دیگر وقت ها به کجا می‌رود؟ شبهای زمستان در کدام خیابان میلرزد؟ و روزهای تا...