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  • I support the removal of these exotic pest species from the maunga. Once that’s done they can get on with cutting down those trees. - Rhys Jones
  • #samajavaragamana from #alavaikunthapurramuloo being shot in exotic locales - Hyderabad Times
  • "No, this is Wegmans, an exotic (!) import originating in upstate New York — not fashionable or hipster upstate New York, not Rhinebeck or Kingston, but grim and depressing Rochester." Uhm, have you even ever been to #roc? Rude. - Marcy Tiberio
  • A trip Boris Johnson made to Italy for a party held by a billionaire socialite ended with the then foreign secretary at an airport “looking like he had slept in his clothes”, struggling to walk in a straight line and telling other passengers he had... - Bill MacBeth
  • Emmy winner Kate McKinnon is set to star in the TV adaptation of the Wondery podcast 'Joe Exotic' - Hollywood Reporter
  • So, so, so.. When we get Brexit done, we'll put an end to freedom of movement, there'll be no more.. Er.. Bunga Bunga without checks on the border.. As it says in the deal, tariffs on goods and services.. Services of all kinds.. #releasetherussiareport - Konservatives
  • Kate McKinnon to Star in Series Adaptation of Podcast ‘Joe Exotic’ for UCP - Variety
  • HOLD THE PRESSES WHAT - Tyler Talley
  • Yup. Time to bring out those exotic technologies that've been shelved away for decades (oh and a re-acquaintance with Spirituality (and the Others) would be nice, too) - Ivan Buchanan-Januskevic🧢
  • First native cases of Zika in Europe. The climate crisis will bring more. “It’s one thing to come back to a country with a disease...It’s another thing completely when a disease is transmitted locally...We now have a new exotic disease in Europe.” - XR Cambridge
  • News & Views: Atomic physicists and nuclear physicists have each made a refined measurement of the radius of the proton. Both values agree with a hotly debated result obtained by spectroscopy of an exotic form of hydrogen called muonic hydrogen. - nature
  • Six elegant bags in crocodile, python and iguana add an exotic touch to any outfit. - WSJ. Magazine
  • So true - the most useful four letter word for these times ! - Ganesh Natarajan
  • I wonder why the government don't want the report looking at Russian interference into our democracy published? - baz smith #FBPE 🌎
  • Crushing gravity, intense magnetic fields, and lightning-fast rotations place neutron stars among the most exotic beasts in the stellar menagerie. - Astronomy Magazine
  • Get that man out of politics now, he is a national security risk and clearly compromised by Russia #releasetherussiareport - Mark McAndrew
  • The Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar surrounded himself with exotic beasts. Now, @mariana_palau tells “The Intelligence”, his homeland has a hippo problem - The Economist
  • GOHAN LAB/ #fish ‘ara’ soup: Let celery work its magic with refreshing and exotic aroma:The Asahi Shimbun #japanesecooking #fishheadsoup - Asahi Shimbun AJW
  • To those in decision-making,by all means,oblige your friends by sending them to exotic locations as ambassadors or making them heads of autonomous bodies—but send best,most committed people to work in ex-Fata/Pata. Every wrong decision has consequences.  - Ammara Durrani