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  • Opinion: ER overcrowding has been associated with greater exposure to medical error, delays in administration of pain medication and antibiotics — and even increased mortality, writes doctor Clayton Dalton. And often, it doesn't need to happen. - NPR
  • From concerns over plastic pieces to possible E. coli and hepatitis A exposure, these are the recalled foods to keep away from your holiday table - CNN
  • French banks, insurers must cut coal exposure - central bank - Reuters
  • A new, more accurate test finds that urine samples taken from people including pregnant women had BPA levels up to 44 times higher than measurements used by the FDA and other regulatory agencies. - Dr. Rhonda Patrick
  • Africa's biggest bank says shareholders reject a proposal to disclose its exposure to climate risks - Bloomberg
  • Another ridiculous Home Office wrong righted after coverage in our pages - but why does it take media exposure for such simple, egregious failures to be recognised? What about the hundreds if not thousands of similar cases? - Owen Gibson
  • The Army said inspectors had visited 49 bases, and found that residents at 48 of them reported concerns over safety and environmental issues. The top concerns were mold, lead-based paint, asbestos, poor water quality and exposure to sewage. - NYT At War
  • 2010 election turnout: the inpatient population was only 14%. "Mentally ill and other disabled people have a disproportionate exposure to the workings of the (often violent) state - that's why it's so important our voices are heard." A crucial read. - UCL Psychiatry Society
  • In depth journalism and exposure of what is happening in Illinois schools but this is happening internationally. Some countries do not even require that schools document restraint and seclusion or have statutory guidelines and protections - ICARS Ban Restraint and Seclusion #ShineOnMax
  • Researchers found, in mice, that nicotine e-cigarette exposure does not impair immune function in cases of Streptococcus pneumoniae infection. "E-cigarette vapor... had no impact on the germs’ ability to cause infections.” Yep. - Charles A. Gardner, PhD
  • So Jesus Kenney gets rid of the watchdog investigating into his corruptness. Gee. Of course these crooks want all this stuff kept under wraps because exposure shows a small, group of crooks engaged in theatrics staged to keep the masses in the dark. - FranklyMyDear
  • Equally it could be the raw exposure of Morrison’s first instincts: authoritarian; no respect for due process in anything. Bypass & run roughshod over because “boss.” Check out his previous Tourism employment history. #auspol - Cheryl Kernot
  • Thanks again The Epoch Times New tear-gas related article released: Fears Mount Over Effects of Tear Gas Exposure in Hong Kong - HKGETV
  • I’ve spent months reporting this piece about the dangers of carbon monoxide exposure from portable generators, and I hope you’ll give it a read. CO poisoning is horrific, and using generators safely/having working detectors can prevent it. - Rachel Treisman
  • Before you say “online bullying must stop,” remember, this and another recent case both stem from being bullied due to the involuntary exposure (or threat there of) of their bodies online, and people attacking them for it. Don’t ignore misogyny. It kills. - leon³⁶⁵
  • Human explorers to Mars will definitely need to deal with the increased radiation levels on the surface. What's more, any attempts to colonize the Red Planet will also require measures to ensure that exposure to radiation is minimized. - pauldavidson
  • Early exposure to antibiotic drugs and risk for psychiatric disorders: a population-based study. Examining 1 million births: early life antibiotic drug exposure is associated with an increased risk for childhood development of psychopathology. - Scott Anderson
  • So just to be clear, this "massive exposure" is the exact same data you can freely buy online through common data brokers - phone numbers, social media profiles, addreses, etc. Media stunt. "data doesn't include passwords, credit card numbers, or SSN." - ☃️🎄 Try Catch HCFa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la ☃️🎄
  • Stephen Battaglio asks why broadcast networks drop sensitive news investigations. TV execs argue it’s about resources but that doesn’t explain why some like Trump and Epstein are protected from media exposure. (prev tweet deleted) - Zev Shalev




Todo lo que Dios permite que nos pase, es siempre con un propósito. Él usa hasta el error más gra

Todo lo que Dios permite que nos pase, es siempre con un propósito. Él usa hasta el error más grande y el dolor más profundo para moldearnos en una mejor persona. . . . . . . ...