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  • Dogs' eyebrow anatomy is the latest example of how 20,000 years of cohabitation has made our pets finely tuned interpreters of human emotion - National Geographic
  • A 30-year-old dalit woman and street hawker, mother of two, was gangraped and murdered in Telangana on Nov 24. Fingers broken, injury marks all over, eyes bulging. 3 men - Babu, Shaboddin and Makdum - arrested. The poor family appeals for help - Swati Goel Sharma
  • THIS IS ILLEGAL. Under the Hatch Act Pompeo must resign his federal position as soon as he’s running for elected office. And that includes raising money to run for office. Pompeo quietly recruits megadonors for potential Senate bid. - Richard W. Painter
  • 23 Jokes That Are For Women's Eyes Only - BuzzFeed
  • I made Forbes at 22. Let me wipe my eyes to see if this is real lol #forbesunder30 - Nij
  • According to the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, the intimacy of friendship lies in the sensation of recognizing oneself in the eyes of another. - The New Yorker
  • “Women often see things… a man would not notice,” said National Geographic’s first editor - National Geographic
  • Police are not only shooting out people's eyes in Argentina & Chile. In #brazil, police shot out 16-year-old Gabriella Talhaferro's eye at a funk music party in Sao Paulo in Nov. Last weekend, the police killed 9 during an operation at another dance party - Michael Fox
  • In the eyes of the law 96 innocent men, women and children were unlawfully killed. In the eyes of the law, no-one is accountable. When it comes to Hillsborough, justice has failed. - Joe Thomas
  • Mike Pompeo is reportedly reaching out to Republican donors about his potential Senate run while he's still serving as Secretary of State, which raises plenty of ethics questions. - Citizens for Ethics
  • Zelensky, in this interview, doesn't say anything like this. He faults Trump for calling Ukraine corrupt and says it hurts Ukraine in the eyes of the world. - Kyle Cheney
  • Southeast Asian corridor eyes business opportunities with India via Bay of Bengal to lessen China dependence - Dipanjan R Chaudhury
  • "He rode the length of every train line with his eyes closed, feeling the curve of each track and then drawing the path he perceived in his sketchbook." - Allison McCann
  • Chelsea reportedly have eyes on Jadon Sancho. They could break their transfer record for the 19-year-old! What the papers are saying - BBC Sport
  • "Pinenuts" the new super food which will cost u abt Rs4k/kg. Superfood that is Super-expensive. U can get all benefits of pinenuts from green leafy's , egg and liver, so if u can afford a snack worth 4k/kg then Enjoy, or eat more salad Times of India - Erudite Nutrition
  • ‘Mr Peer said that had the valley's mainstream political class invested time and effort to lobby for #kashmir's independence instead of trying to strengthen India's hold on the region, people "would have achieved the goal of independence".’ - Nitasha Kaul
  • The ball is in Jerry Nadler’s court. An aide says “We’re going to examine the constitutional framework that is put in place to address presidential misconduct. We’re going to apply the constitutional law to the facts.” Hope Nadler can stay on track. - Barbara Malmet
  • When we close our eyes, our sense of the world and our body’s place in it doesn’t disappear. An invisible impression remains. This sense is called proprioception. It never turns off, except in very rare cases. Here are those cases: - Brian Resnick
  • "Whosoever holds this hammer" — Feast your eyes on these mighty Asgardians: - Marvel Entertainment


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⚠️ Appreciation post 🙏🏼 : . I want to extend my most heartfelt, sincere, and truest apprec

⚠️ Appreciation post 🙏🏼 : . I want to extend my most heartfelt, sincere, and truest appreciation to everyone who follows me on here, and especially for all of the unimagi...