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  • Breaking News: A Justice Department watchdog report criticized how the FBI handled the early stages of the Russia investigation. But it found no evidence to support President Trump's claim of a politicized conspiracy against him. - The New York Times
  • A watchdog report criticized parts of the Russia inquiry but exonerated ex-F.B.I. leaders of President Trump’s accusations of political bias - NYT Politics
  • “Johnson vows end to migrants ‘treating Britain as their own’” No f—- way. This is sick. What about international nurses treating our elderly & children as their own? And people who have built their lives here - building our country? Johnson is evil. - Mike Galsworthy
  • Voter accuses Boris Johnson of lying after he denies knowing about fake website set up by Tories to trick public - The Independent
  • “Barr recently approved making public new details about a former F.B.I. informant at the heart of conservatives’ allegations about the Russia investigation, deciding to release information that had been blacked out in a highly anticipated IG report.” - Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
  • The last time Caroline Kennedy led an aircraft carrier christening, she was 9. 52 years later, she's christening the USS John F. Kennedy — a $13 billion ship that represents about 55 million human working hours. - NPR
  • Report on F.B.I. Russia Inquiry Finds Serious Errors But Debunks Anti-Trump Plot @charlie_savage @adamgoldmanNYT - Julie Davis
  • Read more about Horowitz's report here including the problems with the FISA warrants to wiretap Carter Page: - Sharon LaFraniere
  • Investigators uncovered no evidence of political bias behind official actions related to the investigation, known as Crossfire Hurricane, the 434-page report said - Adam Goldman
  • John Kerry endorses Biden in 2020 race, saying he has the character and experience to beat Trump, confront the nation's challenges - The Washington Post
  • Congratulations @ZelenskyyUa . "I.M.F., Endorsing Zelensky, Approves Loan for Ukraine" - Michael McFaul
  • The math behind Tesla’s dumb Cybertruck vs F-150 tow test - TechCrunch
  • Wow! Only 100x? “New Study Reveals Ford F-150 100X More Polluting Than #tesla's #cybertruck- 🐶Earl of FrunkPuppy🐶
  • **TWEETORIAL** It's well known the US has some of the worst mater maternal health outcomes among high-income countries. Less well known: How inextricably linked those deaths and illnesses are to America's f*cked up health insurance system. 1/ - Julia Belluz
  • 2/ Declassified State Dept emails from top Hillary staffers gloated about the w/Saudi government in December 2011. Saudis had contributed $10 million to Clinton Foundation. F-15 manufacturer Boeing had contributed $900,000 to Clinton Foundation. - Michelle Malkin
  • F*ck you, Trump. - Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
  • Mind truly boggled: “half-hour of yardwork with leaf-blower produced same amount of hydrocarbon emissions as a 3,887-mile drive in Ford F-150 truck” - John Gibbons
  • Don’t vote Tory. They hate you. - Farley Davenport 🔶🇬🇧🇪🇺
  • Heads up! An F-117 Steal fighter is officially on display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley! - ABC7 Eyewitness News