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  • New from me: smack down of the Trump camp’s defenses to impeachment. - Joyce Alene
  • “If sacrificing the country’s interests in favor of his own is not impeachable conduct... then America is open for business not as our leaders have traditionally meant it, but in the Russian oligarch sense of that phrase.” By ⁦@JoyceWhiteVance⁩ - Mimi Rocah
  • The richest man in the world tried to kick a socialist off a City Council and he failed. - Annie Shields
  • .⁦@JoyceWhiteVance⁩ goes through the cards in the hand of Trump’s defenders — and it’s a whole lot of nothing. Why All of Donald Trump's Impeachment Defenses Will Fail | Time - Virginia Heffernan
  • Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee was already a long-serving member of Fianna Fáil’s ruling national executive when she sent offensive tweets in 2011 - Hugh O'Connell
  • Is Pelosi saving Trump by shaping impeachment to fail in the Senate? - Senator John Cornyn
  • New research: learning is best when you fail 15 percent of the time. If you never fail you're not pushing the envelope. If you fail too often, you're pushing too hard. This seem true in intellectual, emotional, and physical pursuits. - Brad Stulberg
  • Banks fail to stop financing fossil fuel industry - Financial Times
  • This is all pretty unfortunate from People's Vote and Gina Miller. Soon we're going to need a tactical voting site to decide which tactical voting site to vote for. Perhaps they should concentrate more on campaigning and less on scooping up your data. - Jo Maugham QC
  • Researchers discover what seems to be the sweet spot for optimal learning: The 85 Percent Rule. When a challenge is too simple, we don't learn anything new; when it's too difficult, we grow discouraged. We learn the most when we fail 15% of the time. - Daniel Pink
  • Leftist socialism has FAILED #bolivia, #venezuela, #argentina. Don’t let it fail the US! - Trish Regan
  • NEW: SPAC Nation, a church that has been hailed by politicians as a beacon of hope for ex-gang members, is failing to act on pastors financially exploiting the young people it claims to help, @HuffPostUK can reveal. - Nadine White
  • Short thread. Lots of significant news around, but this story is also important. We kicked it off with the ANAO identifying serious administrative failures in this regional grants program - Katharine Murphy
  • Last week Trump agreed to a $2 million settlement for ripping off veterans with his now shuttered charity. This week he attends a Veterans Day parade. Chutzpah? hubris? utter shamelessness? words fail - Matt Wuerker
  • What's the best part about the #ncisla team? For one, they never fail to have each others backs. See how Special Agents Namazi and Callen teamed up on their latest mission: - NCIS LA
  • I am sick to death of this ; Johnson turns up looking like he's been out on the piss yet the express have the audacity to attack Corbyn ("the socialist", they like to jeer) for a "slight inclination of the head". Disgraceful. - Lotte Taylor
  • VAR fails to spot Trent Alexander-Arnold handball seconds before Liverpool score VAR fails to spot Mohamed Salah in an offside position before making it 2-0 Where is the consistency? - SPORTbible
  • The nation's dams are on average over 50 years old. @AP collected data on thousands of them and found nearly 1,700 that are in poor or unsatisfactory condition and could cause deaths if they were to fail. READ the story: - The Associated Press
  • Traditional Labour voters need to think very hard before voting for the brexit party. Brexit is not everything! Think long term , the only party that supports the working class is Labour. I truly hope this far right alliance will back fire #votelabour2019 - Nick


My girl and me... I’m experiencing the most difficult time as a mother. The terrible 2,5! Aluxa ha

My girl and me... I’m experiencing the most difficult time as a mother. The terrible 2,5! Aluxa had yesterday the worse tantrums we ever experience... and I didn’t know how to ...

Am I the only one who has died at this point in the campaign? ••••••••••••

Am I the only one who has died at this point in the campaign? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• On YouTube every Tuesday...


Тренировка с ребятами выдалась продуктивной и атмосфе

Тренировка с ребятами выдалась продуктивной и атмосферной 🔥. Нужно почаще собираться в большом к...