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  • This from the boss of the German employers’ union: “400.000 immigrants to Germany, who came after 2015, already have an apprenticeship or fulltime job. I am surprised myself how quickly it's working. Merkel was right: we can do it!" H/t ⁦@COdendahl⁩ - Caroline de Gruyter
  • Alberta lost 44,000 fulltime jobs last month, and the NDP carbon tax will just make things worse. - Brian Jean
  • Remember #russiatoday, 'Russia’s state-run propaganda machine', which had to register as a Foreign Agent? Guess who's working fulltime in the WhiteHouse & "supports what we are doing". - Alice Stollmeyer
  • Beyond the creepiness: do we always have to have a female family member working fulltime in the White House w/o pay? - Lisa Bloom
  • The compelling reason why Wasps man has ended his fulltime rugby days - Bobby Bridge
  • Now we need a #reallivingwage - if you work fulltime you should earn enough money to live on - Natalie Bennett
  • Steelers plan to turn outside LB jobs over to Watt, Dupree on fulltime basis - Ed Bouchette
  • Excellent review of #macedonia sit. by always insightful @VALERIEin140; rare fulltime Western journo left in region. - Jasmin Mujanović
  • “3 CambridgeAnalytica employees, including 2 data scientists, moved to San Antonio to embed w/ Parscale's firm & by August fulltime staffers in Texas ballooned to 13.” They created w/RNC a database called #projectalamo - The Editor Devil
  • Mattis cracks down on service academy athletes going pro without serving fulltime. - Dan Lamothe
  • Follow our series on how contract/freelance work is replacing fulltime employment: #workisdifferentnow @npr @npratc - Yuki Noguchi
  • This is the kind of thing that exacerbates the gender pay gap by making it unaffordable for two parents to work fulltime, thereby forcing one (often the mother) to stay at home with kids, thereby damaging their career progression - Paddy Logue
  • Fulltime: Everton 1-3 Man City #mcfc - Manchester City News
  • Fantasy Football: Week 11 QB Rankings From FullTime Fantasy ⁦@NFL⁩ #fantasyfootball #week11 #qb - Douglas Holtzman
  • Darren Waller has struggled over his last two games, but @Shawn__Childs expects him to get back on track as the top-ranked player in his Week 11 TE PPR rankings: - SI Fantasy
  • Brian Hill is Week 11’s most popular waiver wire pick-up and streaming option. @Shawn__Childs is buying the hype, but the usual studs are still atop his RB PPR rankings: - SI Fantasy
  • Lamar Jackson is having an MVP caliber season, but another QB who likes to run it comes in at No. 4 in @Shawn__Childs's Week 11 QB rankings. Check out the full list: - SI Fantasy


Cześć! Wreszcie przestało padać i przez okno zagląda do domu słońce. Te dwa ostatnie dni był

Cześć! Wreszcie przestało padać i przez okno zagląda do domu słońce. Te dwa ostatnie dni były fatalne, listopad pokazał się z najgorszej strony 🌨🌧☔🌨🌧. W sum...

Финики На Кипре много финиковых пальм, которые растут

Финики На Кипре много финиковых пальм, которые растут вдоль улиц и дорог. Осенью на них созревает у...