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  • Chris Matthew told some friends he wouldn't wear pants until the Blue Bombers won the Grey Cup, figuring his team would win it a few days later. That was in 2001, and he hasn't worn pants since. - CBC News
  • Ashley Tisdale Responds to Fan Who Accidentally Sent a Photo of Her Instead of His Tax Form - People
  • A Fan Is Suing Madonna For Starting Her Concerts Late - BuzzFeed
  • Wait, Lady Gaga doesn't remember #artpop? - billboard
  • Face it, Red Sox fans, you are overrating Mookie Betts a bit - Dan Shaughnessy
  • Thala Ajith fans power him to the topmost position in India #valimai #viswasam - IndiaGlitz - Tamil
  • [] K-Pop group Dreamcatcher on The Show, their hopes for the future and which member spends the most money (출처 : metro) - 드림캐쳐 Dreamcatcher
  • Fans honor deceased YouTuber Etika with a stunning mural: - Kotaku
  • A note from economist Mark Zaidi: “It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Medicare for All. That's why I'm impressed that Senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign reached out to me to independently review her proposed financing plan for the program.” - Asma Khalid
  • "You got a whole squad of people behind you," via @TMZ - Autism Speaks
  • [email protected] made a surprise appearance at @ONEOKROCK_japan's Tokyo show - billboard
  • Excl: FA investigating after Barnsley fans chant anti-IRA & anti-Pope songs in weekend match against Stoke City - Mike Keegan
  • "Dinnertime just won't be the same. Seriously gutted" - Manchester News MEN
  • Former Superman actor Dean Cain and other Trump fans accused a former Obama White House staffer of being the whistleblower. They were wrong, but now the hoax has set off a wave of death threats. - Will Sommer
  • Todd Gurley grew up a Ravens fan: 'I never liked the Steelers' - Rams Wire
  • Fan: “Nate, I lost my rent money betting on you now I’m sleeping in my car till I can come up with my half.” Diaz has since sent the guy DM messages on Instagram. Fair play - SPORTbible
  • Green Eggs and Ham review – I'm a huge fan I am I am! - The Guardian
  • T.I.'s wife recently gave a simple but, response to a fan's concern over her daughter Deyjah. - E! News
  • Bahia have cut prices, given fans a voice, tackled political issues and dedicated themselves to ‘affection, integration and love’. - Jamil Chade