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  • Why did the three Thakur men assault dalit biryani vendor Lokesh? “Bas, dabangai," he said. "It’s become a fashion among some upper-caste men to go around bullying the poor, record the act and humiliate them further by circulating the videos" My report: - Swati Goel Sharma
  • ACT OF KINDNESS: A UPS driver takes a moment out of his busy route to display flashcards on a homeowner's security camera, thanking them for holiday treats left out for him in poetic fashion. - ABC News
  • BREAKING: Coerced Uighur labor touches almost every part of the supply chain. Presents actual data on forced internment camp laborers from gov't docs: wages and ages. Key new findings on Huafu Fashion Co., contradicting its internal audit claims. - Adrian Zenz
  • ‘It’s A Fashion Among Some Upper Caste Men To Bully Us, Make The Video Viral,’ Says Dalit Man Beaten Up For Selling Biryani @swati_gs - Swarajya
  • Going skiing? @KylieJenner's designer ski fits will have you inspired to invest in some new gear. - Vogue Magazine
  • Gorgeous looks! - Soompi
  • XZ on Insight (Korean) Chinese Actor (#xiaozhan) with the height of 183cm who resembles 'Ji ChangWook + Seo KangJoon' is shaking women's heart The overall content is full praises towards him having good fashion sense, great visual, with rabbit-like eyes - 肖战· 露娜
  • BLESS YOU: This lion at Milwaukee County Zoo was caught on camera trying its best to hold back a huge sneeze before letting it out in majestic fashion. - ABC News
  • H&M’s CEO is worried that eco-conscious consumers could be bad for fast fashion - Fast Company
  • Oxnard Pacifica wins in dominating fashion to become CIF state bowl champion in Division 2-A - L.A. Times Sports
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks back at her time on Saturday Night Live: "It was very sexist. People were doing crazy drugs at the time. I was oblivious." - VANITY FAIR
  • #fx's #krystal Wins Asia Style Award At Madame Figaro Fashion Gala In China - Soompi
  • WATCH: Angela Bassett, Derek Hough and More Reveal Their Must-Have Holiday & Winter Fashion - People
  • The Raiders collapsed down the stretch Sunday, with the Jaguars scoring a last-minute, game-winning touchdown to win 20-16. The lovefest ended with boos and jeers and garbage thrown on the field. An oddly fitting and frustrating ending. - San Francisco Chronicle
  • “I’m hiring a woman not for fashion but because I’m greedy: women make you more money.” An extravagantly self-interested truth-bomb from Mark Carnegie. - Virginia Trioli
  • The rise of @CelineDion as a bona fide fashion icon has been a joy to behold. - Vogue Magazine
  • Would you wear a shirt for 100 days straight without washing it? Maybe you should. - Fast Company
  • Kim Taehyung is not only the owner of one of the most special and beautiful voices in the music industry, but he’s also a true fashion icon. Many times he’s mentioned one of his dreams when he was little was to have lots of clothes ~ #김태형 #btsv - 보라해 어제보다 많이 낼 보다는 조금 ~ 뷔처럼 음악이 돼라
  • "I don't do fashion. I am fashion." - Coco Chanel - Vogue.fr


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آرزو میکنم لبخند مهمون لبهاتون بشه.  شادی از در و دیوار

آرزو میکنم لبخند مهمون لبهاتون بشه.  شادی از در و دیواره قلبتون  سرازیر بشه. سلامتی مهمون دائمی مح...