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  • Five ways to stop feeling tired all the time - The Guardian
  • .⁦@jkenney⁩ huffs & puffs, loads airplane full of mad colleagues and storms the Hill. In turn, he’s received by a welcoming ⁦@JustinTrudeau⁩ who commits to listen and do what’s right. Kenney returns with nothing but a massive bill. #ableg - Thomas A. Lukaszuk
  • #russiandoll's Leslye Headland: "There is this quick feeling that if a woman has a complicated feeling, then she must be mean, or crazy. And that’s just another way of dismissing her taking up space in the world" - Variety
  • These four steps help you handle negative attacks in meetings with grace. @lucidmeetings - Inc.
  • "It’s a stupidly dramatic story, but I’m feeling very fortunate." - ABC News
  • "She’s been mean-mugging since day one." - ABC News
  • Germany's Angela Merkel spoke of feeling "deep shame" during her first visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp - TIME
  • NEW → Top Ukraine official: "We did not have the feeling that this aid was connected to any one specific issue." Democrats never had a real case, and now it's collapsing entirely. - Kevin McCarthy
  • "Christmas is so magical." Woman is really feeling the Holiday spirit thanks to comical misunderstanding - TIME
  • BAD timing for Dems w/ this article Yermak, a top aide to Ukrainian President Zelensky, says they "never had that feeling” that US aid & investigations were connected. "We did not have the feeling that this aid was connected to any one specific issue." - Olivia Beavers
  • Ice baths and deep breaths: How ‘rewilding’ myself left me feeling superhuman - The Guardian
  • Don't worry, we got you. - Soompi
  • You have to watch Harry Styles perform One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and make it all his own - billboard
  • "The most surprising thing about owning a Tesla is not so much the driving experience, performance or looks, and is instead the unprecedented feeling that the product you have purchased a while ago is improving over time, through software upgrades." #tesla - 👻Loky👻
  • Ryan Straschnitzki travelled to Thailand to receive a spinal surgery that restored some feeling and movement in his lower body, but the family is frustrated the treatment isn't available in Canada - Hockey Night in Canada
  • Allowing yourself to feel sad is healthy. But feeling sorry for yourself is downright destructive. @AmyMorinLCSW - Inc.
  • In just two days – Thanksgiving and Black Friday – Americans spent $11.6 BILLION shopping! The @realDonaldTrump economy has Americans feeling GREAT this Holiday Season! - Team Trump
  • I had a feeling when I read last week the Lavrov was coming to DC to meet with Pompeo, it was a false pretense for him to actually meet with Trump. In the midst of impeachment this is quite remarkable. As Pelosi says, with Trump “All roads lead to Putin.” - Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
  • ‘If you know someone who might be feeling lonely, anxious or overwhelmed by the Christmas period, then speak to them or ask how they are doing – as it could make all the difference.’ - YoungMinds