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  • Travel back in time to the fertile valley of Fergana in Uzbekistan, the beloved land of emperor Babur - The Hindu
  • In Kyrgyzstan’s Fergana Valley, ethnic strife, corruption and poverty collide in the ongoing fight against extremism - Foreign Policy
  • The slowly reforming government of Uzbekistan has unblocked websites of certain media and human rights groups including the BBC, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Fergana news agency, Amnesty International, Reporters Sans Frontieres and Human Rights Watch. - Kenneth Roth
  • 3 memorable examples of IRP supported work up my alley: @ianbateson on Church-state politics in Nicaragua ( - Maxim Edwards
  • Namangan in #uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley gets a feature in Indian media. One point of interest that didn’t make the reporter’s list is nearby Chust, which for my money is well worth a visit and a great place to go to expand your knife collection. - Destination Central Asia
  • I'm on From Our Own Correspondent this morning, 11.30. Talking about Islam and silk in Uzbekistan's Fergana Valley. - Caroline Eden
  • Get to know the exquisite silk and ceramics of Eastern Uzbekistan's Fergana Valley. - Bloomberg Pursuits
  • Another environmental catastrophe is looming in #centralasia: Seven hotspots including Fergana Valley and the Aral Sea - Fatima Z. Er-Rafia
  • #indian Tennis Round-up: India's Saketh Myneni's jumps 85 places to 362 in #atp Rankings after a good show at Fergana Challenger, Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan wins the Ilkley Trophy Read: - Sportskeeda India
  • Over a five-year period Fergana Valley saw 2 revolutions. @philip_shishkin tells of these events in RESTLESS VALLEY. - Yale Univ Press
  • Scenes From #centralasia’s Forever War: #kyrgyzstan's Fergana Valley | Foreign Policy - Eric Jones
  • Fergana case was lousy from the start, now this @thenation - Faiza Patel
  • Radioactive Soviet waste dump is a threat to the Fergana Valley, says EBRD - James Kilner
  • The border region in Fergana Valley where Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan come together seems to be ever a source of tension, as shown by this week’s clash over Kyrgyz road-building near a Tajik enclave resulting in two deaths - Destination Central Asia
  • A backpacker's guide to #uzbekistan: Includes delicous food and desserts, grand blue mosques, the scenic Fergana Valley, massive bazaars, and hiking through Chimgan national park. #tourism - Möönmöön
  • Proud to be part of the EU @europeaid, @EBRD & @Europarl_EN efforts on Environmental Remediation in #centralasia. Safeguarding local population, preventing border conflict and preserving the breadbasket of Central Asia - Fergana Valley is gaining momentum. - Michał Prawdzik
  • CENTRAL ASIA: Beyond the Aral Sea, another environmental catastrophe is looming in abandoned Soviet era #uranium Mine Dumps posing #waterrisk mainly in Fergana Valley breadbasket @EURACTIV - Water News Global
  • From #fergana to #delhi: A Babur-focused #uzbeki cultural project is using common heritage to create a dialogue - Fatima Z. Er-Rafia
  • From Fergana to Delhi: At a time we are ready to disown the #mughals #uzbek govt traces Babur's journey #sundayread - Sobhana K


Mushuk do'stdir odamga! Kolumbiyada Gatubela laqabli mushuk zinadan qulab ketishiga bir baxya qolgan

Mushuk do'stdir odamga! Kolumbiyada Gatubela laqabli mushuk zinadan qulab ketishiga bir baxya qolgan bolakayni qutqarib qolibdi. Mushukning xarakatlariga e'tibor bering - u xuddi ...



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