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  • Kaliman, #bolivia ex-chairman of JCS (armed forces) says to Evo: "How could it be a Coup? Neither soldiers nor tanks were on the streets. I did not declare myself President" @JeanineAnez replaced all JCS leaders when she became interim pres. #pitita - Dani 🇧🇴
  • Incredible story if you missed it. A fake dutch player pretending to be his own agent from the Stella Group (who represent the likes of Christian Bale) tricked 4 separate teams into signing him. #doop connection is he was a Santos replacement at Audax. - Man On!
  • Byelections 2019: FF wins two seats, SF, Greens one each - Sandra Ní Dhubhda
  • 【独占インタビュー】『FFBE』ミュージカル主演の阿部顕嵐さん、仲田博喜さんに直撃!『FF』好きのふたりが込める思い - ファミ通App - ファミ通.com
  • Dublin Fingal: Close to a final result as Labour's Duncan Smith eliminated - TheJournal.ie
  • De cara al nuevo gobierno, comenzó una inédita huelga de hambre de presos en las cárceles bonaerenses DE DELINCUENTE A DELINCUENTE.... APA Y CELULARES EN LAS CÁRCELES? ESTOS NO LABURAN Q PINTAN BANDERAS , NO SE QUEJEN SI VOTARON FF - Remando Siempre 😺💪
  • Sick five-year-old tended to in hospital room used to store medical equipment. Two FF TDs were elected today. They will support the Minister for Health. - Peadar Tóibín
  • Byelections 2019: FF wins two seats, SF, Greens one each - 🇮🇪☘️IrishShane32☘️🇮🇪
  • FF: It would be 'crazy' to support no-confidence motion and force snap election at Christmas - Dignity & Respect
  • 【独占インタビュー】『FFBE』ミュージカル「FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS」THE MUSICAL主演の #阿部顕嵐 さん、#仲田博喜 さんに直撃! 『FF』好きのふたりが込める思いとは - ファミ通[email protected]アプリ新作情報
  • The results mean Fine Gael has failed to win a seat and this further reduces the Government’s already flimsy majority on confidence votes in the Dáil - The Irish Times
  • El ex jefe de las FF.AA. de Bolivia le responde a Evo Morales: "Cómo puede ser golpe de Estado, no me quedé como presidente" - Clarín
  • Martin hints FF TDs sacked over Dáil votes could return - The Irish Times
  • Four by-election results show that Ireland's #opposition is leaning Left and going Green but we're still as centrist as ever - Shan Kelly
  • 1) Ministerial no confidence vote doesn't *necessarily* bring down govt 2) However, Taoiseach's mandate destroyed and so he would *v likely* seek dissolution 3) President could refuse 4) FF have now broken confidence & supply so it's a zombie Dáil anyway - Eoin Hayes
  • Lads, I know hypocrisy is the lifeblood of politics, but when FF happily left Noel O’Flynn in situ for nine years after he was so racist Amnesty demanded a Garda investigation, a little less sanctimony would become you better. - Tim O'Connor
  • Lionel Messi a présenté son sixième Ballon d'Or FF aux supporters catalans - France Football
  • Win a state championship? Record 3 sacks and 2 FF in that state championship? Win the @SportsDayHS defensive player of the week award? @ParishFootball senior Josue Munoz had a great #txhsfb week. - Joseph Hoyt
  • Byelections 2019: FF's Padraig O'Sullivan 'honoured' with win but 'it's back out campaigning soon' - Irish Examiner