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  • Guys, guys ... Kodak doubled YoY sales of color negative in Europe first quarter. - Daniel J. Schneider
  • 'Strictly Analogue!' A fantastic read of the past, present and future of Polaroid #filmsnotdead - Film's not Dead.
  • A must watch! Find out the story behind one of the most remarkable photos from WWII..... - Film's not Dead.
  • Join the revolution. #filmisnotdead #shootfilm #shootkodakprofessional - Kodak Professional
  • Tom Hardy to play fearless war photographer Don McCullin - Film's not Dead.
  • How photography became the hottest new investment choice.... - Film's not Dead.
  • Take 4 minutes to watch this, all about the brilliant @MagnumPhotos agency which turns 70 this year! - Film's not Dead.
  • Albany man makes pinhole camera from potato & paste can, for a bet. Good on him #filmphotography #filmisnotdead - Emma Wynne
  • #filmisnotdead "Scott Eyman on the glories of #16mm and #35mm prints" ~ - Museum Workers
  • Our 70mm film series is a pick in this Sunday's @nytimes: - Museum of the Moving Image
  • Revolutionary film photographer, @dhagren, has been shooting hip-hop artists for over 40 years and has not plans to slow down. Don't miss your opportunity to learn from Eddie Otchere and the @FilmsnotDead crew next week in London, UK. - Kodak Professional
  • 10 classic photographs made out of Play-Doh! - Film's not Dead.
  • "Film never went out of fashion..." #analoguephotography #filmisnotdead - Metro Imaging
  • These professional photographers are still shooting film. Here’s why | - TIME LightBox
  • Film develops a following in a world of digital photography down under - Analog Loves
  • Hmmm - and I thought this was a collaboration with @polaroidorignls instant film somehow… - Ted Forbes
  • A feature on the Ghent, NY bicentennial portraits is on @bbcnews today. Thanks to @philcoomes for sharing the work > - Richard Beaven
  • Westminster is rotting from within. Beautiful work by @LauraHynd on assignment for @washingtonpost (photo edit by @ccolemanmedia): - olivierclaurent
  • For Old-School Film Projectionists, the Pictures Never Got Small ~ - MuseumViews



🍁 "Tôi sinh vào tháng mười hai. Vi từng bảo cô không thích mùa đông. Cũng không quan tâm tôi sinh vào tháng mấy. Chỉ là, mùa đông để dành cho ...



Glad to be one of the very few people who got to listen to mos def aka yasiin beys new album that’

Glad to be one of the very few people who got to listen to mos def aka yasiin beys new album that’ll never release to the public . Phones were locked up so this photo is very rar...