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  • #bigbang’s #taeyang And #cl Have Funny Exchange On Instagram Over His Filter Choices - Soompi
  • Catch the vertical video for @kflay's #thisbabydontcry below - billboard
  • We can’t afford to ignore the real effects human behavior has on air quality. People around the world have to wear masks everyday to filter out harmful pollution. It's past time to act to ensure #cleanair for everyone. - Rep. Barbara Lee
  • Augmented wellness program: “When you get hungry, gluten-free restaurants are highlighted while burger joints are blurred, thanks to the food filter super-imposed by your health-insurance company. Hey, they paid for the glasses, so what can you expect?” - Frank Pasquale
  • Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology develops affordable water filter | Bhubaneswar News - Times of India - BD
  • The way you use Twitter could soon fundamentally change - Mashable
  • With every 11-pound load of laundry, between 600,000 and 17 million clothes fibers are released, according to a Dutch campaign group. This company has created a filter that catches fibers in the washing machine before they flow into the water system. - CNN Business
  • No filter needed - Evening Standard
  • That's right, @KFlay made a whole music video for #thisbabydontcry out of Instagram filters - Billboard Pride
  • This is why a single filter stating 'facilities for disabled guests' is, frankly, useless. Because what does that even mean? Once again for the non-disabled people not listening... We. Are. All. Different. - Carrie-Ann Lightley👩🏼‍🦽
  • We've created online resources to help young people identify real news and filter out #fakenews and false information - BBC Young Reporter
  • For you biogas junkies out there, take a look at how Australian scientists are using a space age material to capture more methane from their wastewater. - Regenis Digesters
  • Dutch court orders Facebook to ban celebrity crypto scam ads after another lawsuit ➵ - FCC
  • Social media is flooded with videos of terrified children being pranked with THAT spider filter - Daily Mail Femail
  • An aerial view of Delhi with a hexagonal grid of filter towers - The Smog Project proposal by Znera Space. - Anna-Emmanuelle Glivinska
  • The 18 best makeup brushes for every product you’re putting on your face, including one that makes foundation look like a filter - The Cut
  • “One of the things we sometimes confuse is all things we should be doing versus all the things that only you could do.” Focusing on the latter, he says, is “a filter that has been super helpful for me.” - Santosh Shevade
  • I'm excited to announce that our weekly community calendar is now interactive! You can filter by category and region to help you find events! - Yasmeen Wafai



Wow, we now have over 150 AR Filters for you to enjoy! . Want to WIN a special Tee shirt? - Comment

Wow, we now have over 150 AR Filters for you to enjoy! . Want to WIN a special Tee shirt? - Comment and let us know which is your favorite, & Tag 3 friends who you think should use...