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  • Alabama Virginia Kentucky Louisiana Oh so close in GA, FL & MS I’ve been telling folks for awhile now & it’s a fact - change is in the air in the South & we are feeling it. Let’s continue our streak in 2020! Congrats @AndyBeshearKY and @JohnBelforLA - Doug Jones
  • The mother of missing 5-year-old Taylor Rose Williams has been arrested and charged with child neglect and giving false information to investigators, Jacksonville, FL, Sheriff Mike Williams said, hours after authorities said human remains were found in AL. - CNN
  • Flagrant pay-to-play by this FL billionaire in email response to @GOPChairwoman's Ronna McDaniel's request for 500K donation. Article does not indicate whether McDaniel accepted that 100K- but she better hope not. Manchester withdrew in Oct. - Rachel "The Doc" Bitecofer 📈🔭🗿💪
  • I had missed this very nice article on Friday on rights restoration in FL & more importantly in LA, where a new law expanding voter eligibility was taking effect for the first time this fall: - Taniel
  • As FL Governor, Rick Scott rejected federal Medicaid expansion money. A study by Center on Budget & Policy Priorities found expansion would’ve prevented 2,800 deaths. It’s time to elect a #brandnewcongress that supports #medicareforall as a human right. - Jen Perelman For Congress
  • Former FL gov @SenRickScott's picks for opportunity zone tax breaks intended to help the poor: a yacht marina developed by billionaires Wayne Huizenga Jr., Stephen Ross and Jorge Pérez, and a Tampa tract owned by billionaire Jeff Vinik via @propublica - Mary Ellen Klas
  • Jennifer Arcuri turns on Boris Johnson and warns she has been 'keeping his secrets' || Via: Independent - SafetyPin-Daily
  • Democrats are looking to expand early investments in 7 key battleground states ahead of 2020 w/ a six-figure investment to fund a new round of general election staff operatives, part of a broad voter protection campaign across AZ, FL, GA, NC, MI, PA & WI. - Kendall Karson
  • Male flowers of Aconitum compensate for toxic pollen with increased floral signals and rewards for pollinators - Prasanna NS
  • History won't be kind to @PamBondi. MY MARRIAGE didn't cause "public harm" as she claimed in court to try and block marriage equality in FL. After @pulseorlando, she attempted to reinvent herself as a defender of our community. History knows better. - Rep. Carlos G Smith
  • Rick Scott's refusal to expand Medicaid cost nearly 2,800 deaths. 2,800 DEATHS. Rick Scott and the FL GOP have blood on their hands for not expanding Medicaid. #flapol - Florida Democrats
  • To the racing world, this is Belinda Stronach’s daughter. I do personally believe the cocoa tea defense, but what bothers me is that I watch her at all the OTTB aftercare meetings talking about how they’re the best horses, only to fly back to FL to... - Kathryn Papp DVM
  • "If Democrats can figure out a way to mobilize black voters in 2020...it could help them in key battlegrounds like FL, NC, and MI. "One key to turning out black voters is to not merely rely on Trump as a foil." Which candidate has proven she can do that? - Ammar Moussa
  • Jennifer accuses BOJO of 'treating her like “some fleeting one-night stand”' - Chris Ebereonwu
  • @TimothyDSnyder - Razi
  • Do you know who is trying to send him a message?... Jennifer Arcuri ... Since you Laura seem to have a 'Special Relationship' ...(well in my eyes anyway)...with @BorisJohnson...could you pass Jen's message on Jen's 'keeping his secrets’ - Cathy Higgins - #VoteLabour 🇸🇱🇬🇧
  • More Extreme Weather - Looming Storms Menace FL & NC - Dan Tefft
  • Just this week: 104 arrested in a FL child trafficking sting A criminal enterprise investigation in Epstein, who owned an island accessed by boat And #truepundit interview with a yacht victim +: Massive Florida fire destroys two mega-yachts worth $20m - Ashley
  • Nov is #copd Awareness Month. It affects 1,307,000 people in FL & is the 4th leading cause of death in US. It’s a reminder of the importance of ensuring every American can access preventative care. Join me to raise awareness & promote earlier diagnosis—> - Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell