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  • Today is my #aliveday. The day 15 years ago that I probably should’ve died in a dusty field in Iraq after an RPG tore through the helicopter I was flying. - Tammy Duckworth
  • It's World Prematurity Day this Sunday. I am not really into writing personal things, but my son was born extremely premature at 25 weeks so I wrote this a few years ago about the long road we faced in 2016. He's three now and flying - Conall Ó Fátharta
  • Who was the gentleman who died after hiding away in the undercarriage of a Kenya Airways aircraft flying from Nairobi to London? In a piece of brilliant investigative journalism @sparkomat spent months trying to find out- it’s a heartbreaking story: - Samira Sawlani
  • Sure, it had unflattering nicknames like the Flying Anvil and Old Smokey. But the iconic F-4 Phantom II fighter-bomber is still remembered fondly, particularly by those who flew it. - Stars and Stripes
  • Southwest is flying more than three dozen jets without final verification they comply with all mandatory federal safety standards, documents show - Victoria M. Walker
  • #rainbow Talks About The Meaning Of "Aurora," Receives Sweet Message From N.Flying's Jaehyun - Soompi
  • Friday = 10 Things I Like + Don't Like, starring a rude dunker, the Celtics flying around, an all-time contract year in the making, a lost Bull, the league's most telegenic follow through, more: - Zach Lowe
  • Blurryface is #1 on Billboard's decade-end Top Rock Albums chart. - TØP Updates
  • Five US sailors speak out 15 years after the USS Nimitz UFO encounters - Daily Mail US
  • "If consumers understand that buffalo wings aren’t from flying bison and that chickens don’t have fingers, they can surely grasp that a 'veggie burger' is made from plants." - Farm Sanctuary
  • New report says half of all insects globally may have been lost since 1970 owing to destruction of nature & heavy pesticide use UK populations of Spotted flycatcher, which only eats flying insects, have dropped by 93% since 1967 - Doug Parr
  • Spoiler alert: the answers no. Which is why we must end airport expansion and invest in railway infrastructure. - Amelia Womack - Green Party 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  • If you were in North Carolina, Arizona, Kentucky and Colorado this morning, you may have seen the #votevetsairforce flying a banner reading "Vets: Trump is a National Security Threat"! Visit - VoteVets
  • The future of flying will be more efficient. Insight sponsored by @honeywell - Bloomberg
  • When flying, your airline's app is the key, to all things regarding your flight. - Deegan Motel
  • An experimental research flight touched down in Sydney on Friday, after flying nonstop from London -- a journey that pushes the frontier of modern aircraft capabilities - CNN International
  • . @SteveAikenUUP talks about ‘confident, progressive unionism’ yet all the UUP Cllrs in Mid & East Antrim Council (including the mayor) voted AGAINST flying the Rainbow flag to mark local Pride celebrations. #bbctheview - Cllr Danny Donnelly
  • "Three weeks, two rounds, 50 birds, then 10, and in a few minutes, one – flying lazily through the sky, medal-in-beak." It's @naamanzhou on the #birdoftheyear live blog in the final, tense moments before the winner is announced - Guardian Australia
  • Real-life 'Iron Man' Richard Browning from #salisbury has set a new world speed record @GWR by flying in a jet suit at 85.06mph alongside @BTNPalacePier. Much more: - ITV News Meridian


🚁👨‍✈️⏱Well...some times youll just end up waiting like that day at Athens Internationa

🚁👨‍✈️⏱Well...some times youll just end up waiting like that day at Athens International Airport Heliport, atleast i was not alone. Do you know all the types/versions ...


👍FEEDBACK TO LAST NIGHTS' VIDEO👎 I hope you enjoyed last nights' video about how to taxi a B74

👍FEEDBACK TO LAST NIGHTS' VIDEO👎 I hope you enjoyed last nights' video about how to taxi a B747 at one of the busiest airports in the world, Hong Kong. Big thank you to my ...