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  • Adam’s Fables are coming fo an end...with a whimper. WATCH: - Laura Ingraham
  • Family plead for witnesses to come forward after ten-year-old boy 'deliberately' shot dead in a trailer park - Daily Mail US
  • 4 years and 1,388 behavioural trials after, first paper from my PhD is officially out in @SciReports ! Leadership during cooperation in #guppies is heritable and linked to social traits in males. With @DarrenPCroft and @DardenSafi #openaccess #fishsci - Sylvia Dimitriadou 🐠
  • Ex-Labour MP quits during live interview and urges people to vote for Boris Johnson - John Thackeray
  • Peter King on Lamar Jackson story... "There were rumors that the Bengals didn’t like him." And that tells you everything you need to know about the Bengals FO. - Josh Kirkendall
  • How could anyone consider voting fo this fool? God help this country if @jeremycorbyn gets into Number 10. Hug a hoodie now we have Hug a terrorist and mass murderer of children. What a TWiT! - Jon Gaunt
  • In a press release issued by the Foreign Office (FO), the government and leadership of Pakistan felicitated the newly-elected president. - Dawn.com
  • An interesting article by @MartinPaquethst and @FO_Dorais in La Presse on declining history enrollments. We have only just begun to ask the tough questions about WHY history enrollment is in free-fall at many universities. - Steven High
  • 'Bloody well done': Texts and emails reveal scheme to poison eagles 134 #wedgetaileagles murdered by a farmer. The bloke doesn’t deserve to operate a property commercially again. If you can’t care & protect native animals especially eagles, FO elsewhere! - 👣 🌏 💫 Paul Dutton 🌳 🦅 🐾
  • Supreme Court stops Trump financial documents from going to House on Wednesday - Guisa
  • Instead of being the world leader we once were, we're now being condemned fo policies that we used to condemn other countries for. What have we become??? I'm sick to my stomach over this. - Chris Johnson
  • Former The East Light Member Lee Eun Sung To Enlist In Military This Month Fo - K-POP NEZ
  • Only met the man once, but he WOULD make a difference at Pitt St. Need some reading: From CBS Sports- Searching fo the next Dabo Swinney: Rising College Assistant Coaches to Keep an Eye On - Bring Drinkall to Pittsburg St
  • Tear that pos building down fo rubble and burn it off!! Hitler house in Austria to become police station - 🤓🤪 Serge 🤨🦁☀️🚗🏎🐎
  • “India also continues to be the safe haven for those preaching hate and carrying out hate crimes, including against its own minorities, with impunity and indeed under state patronage,” FO said. - Dawn.com
  • And I’ll show you a Labour MP who’s says vote for Boris. - Daniel Turner
  • Italy has passed a law which will make supermarkets donate more of their waste food to charities. - Umer Farooq
  • Bandit opens a ‘mobile-only’ coffee shop in New York If you wander into the Bandit coffee shop in Midtown New York, you won’t be able to just walk up to the counter and order something. Instead, you’ll need to download a mobile app. I experienced it fo… - World Voip Center


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이거 타다 ㉯ 폐소공포증 있어서 무서워 뒤질뻔,, 꼭 타면 흔드는 𓅰끼들 한명씩 있다. 😂 여행 간다니까 강바다 왈 ㅡ 무슨 재앙 부리...