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  • Laurent will soon be the world's youngest graduate - The Telegraph
  • Nike just did it. @jasonaten - Inc.
  • The awful impact of gerrymandering is real and makes power obtained by its use illegitimate. When gerrymandered districts were struck down in Virginia, the use of the illegitimate power it created was ended - citizen supported policies will follow. - Eric Holder
  • Actual tweets from lawyer for “whistleblower”: “Coup has started” - Jan 2017 “Impeachment will follow” - Jan 2017 "I predict @CNN will play a key role...” - July 2017 “We will get rid of him” - July 2017 Is it any wonder he eventually found a client? - Tim Murtaugh
  • “What cuts in spending, what taxes would you raise, to follow Europe’s fiscal rules?” @afneil asks the SNP’s David Linden about financial changes the Scottish government would need to make to meet EU rules - BBC Politics
  • This is essential reading Please share far and wide so people know what's going on. Thanks - Mary-Ann de Kort
  • An original Second World War Dakota has dropped 750,000 poppies over the White Cliffs of Dover. #remembrancesunday Follow scenes live from across the country here: - Sky News
  • WATCH: Kanye West drops "Follow God" music video featuring his dad, Ray. "It took me 42 years to realize that my dad was my best friend." - XXL Magazine
  • We live in a lonely crowd. Researchers find that loneliness is more lethal than obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes a day. This “epidemic of loneliness” strikes all countries but Britain has appointed a Minister for Loneliness. Others should follow. My column - Nicholas Kristof
  • Twitter is getting a new feature called Topics. - CNET
  • With "Follow-Find You," @OfficialMonstaX returns to the top 10 of World Albums & World Digital Song Sales charts - billboard
  • Whistleblower Lawyer In January 2017: ‘Coup Has Started,’ ‘Impeachment Will Follow’ - Ryan Saavedra
  • Live updates: Mulvaney says he will no longer seek a judge’s ruling on impeachment inquiry testimony, will follow Trump’s order not to cooperate - Ellen Nakashima
  • Before a complaint against Trump had been filed, the anti-Trump whistleblower's lawyer repeatedly tweeted that a "coup has started" and that "impeachment will follow ultimately." "We will get rid of him," @MarkSZaidEsq tweeted of Trump. - Sean Davis
  • Struggling to save up for your first flat? Follow these simple tips for getting on the property ladder, exclusive to my @telegraph column. And since the paywall is down all day, you'll be saving even more - Michael Deacon
  • I'm hoping this will balance twitter so everyone gets to voice their opinions on topics, instead of just being drowned out by high follower accounts. - MalwareTech
  • There are 90 #bushfires burning across NSW, with homes in NSW and Queensland under threat from huge fires on Australia's east coast. This was Port Macquarie on Friday afternoon. Follow updates in our live blog - The Guardian
  • [#monsta_x] #monstax Return to Top 10 of World Albums & World Digital Song Sales Charts With '#follow-#find_you' @Jeff__Benjamin @billboard #몬스타엑스 #monstax_follow - 몬스타엑스_MONSTA X
  • GOP Rep. Jordan in questioning to Ambassador Taylor: Ukrainian President Zelenskiy never brought up investigations of Biden or Burisma. Follow live updates: - Reuters